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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon on Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size, Shape, and Incision Location

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Dr. Mark Pinsky says women considering breast augmentation have more options than ever before, which can ultimately help them achieve their goals with results that look natural.  

West Palm Beach, FL – The size, shape, and location of incisions are some of the most common concerns among women considering breast augmentation, and choosing the best options among many for one’s needs may seem like a daunting task. However, Palm Beach plastic surgeon Mark Pinsky, MD says the decision can be a relatively easy one if the patient is well-informed about her choices and is working with surgeons who are open and honest about all the possibilities. Dr. Pinsky recently discussed the plethora of options available for women who are looking to add volume to the breasts while avoiding many of the telltale signs of plastic surgery.

When choosing the right breast implant size and shape, Dr. Pinsky says patients should keep in mind that “bigger” doesn’t necessarily mean better. He notes that the idea is to enhance the breasts with results that complement the overall proportions of the body frame, providing an outcome that adds volume to the breasts with natural-looking results. Dr. Pinsky says the patient’s individual goals and her unique physical anatomy will dictate the best options for breast implant size. Factors that may come into play include the rate of projection of the implants, which size offers the greatest proportional advantage, and what the patient ultimately wants to achieve.

In addition to numerous size options, patients must also choose the breast implants’ shape. Dr. Pinsky says the two most popular shapes for breast implants are round and teardrop (also known as a “shaped” implant). A round implant is often good for patients who are aiming to achieve a fuller appearance in the upper regions of the breasts, while a teardrop-shaped implant closely mimics the “downward slope” appearance of natural breasts. As with the size of the breast implants, he says the best choice is dependent on the type of implant that will be used – saline or silicone – in addition to the patient’s needs and goals. He notes that a state-of-the-art piece of technology they use in consultations, called VECTRA® 3D Cosmetic Imaging, is often very useful for patients in the decision-making process. The technology is designed to show patients what the potential results of breast augmentation can look like in a range of different implant configurations.

Dr. Pinsky says another question they are frequently asked involves the placement of the breast augmentation incisions and the potential for visible scarring. While there are a number of incision techniques that can be performed for a breast augmentation surgery – including under the natural fold of the breast; the dark-pigmented area surrounding the nipples; and even in the armpit – Dr. Pinsky says an experienced plastic surgeon can often create small incisions in extremely inconspicuous locations that yield very little signs of residual scarring.

Overall, Dr. Pinsky says it is extremely important that individuals considering any type of breast enhancement surgery seek board-certified plastic surgeons who will answer all of their questions and explain all aspects of the treatment. With honest and thorough communication between doctor and patient, combined with advanced treatment options and a skilled breast surgeon, Dr. Pinsky says women can have a much better chance of achieving results that meet their goals with natural-looking results.

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Dr. Mark Pinsky is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been recognized in Castle Connolly’s list of America’s Top Doctors, and recently earned the 2014 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award. Pinsky Plastic Surgery is a comprehensive plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement practice in the Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach area that offers a variety of procedures to rejuvenate the face, breasts, body, and skin. The practice also includes medical spa services and reconstructive surgery options. Dr. Pinsky is available for interview upon request.

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