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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results
Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

I’ve enjoyed getting older but I want to wear a bikini again

Dear Dr. Pinsky,
I just wanted to say thank you (in advance). I have no idea how loopy I will be the next time I see you so I wanted to be able to verbalize this while I am still alert and oriented. (although I am sure I  will be quite amusing while loopy).

I have thought about breast augmentation and fixing my tummy for such a long time and was never able to commit to surgery. Even now, the day before my surgery, I have to say that it is still seems somewhat surreal to me. I know some may say it’s vanity but I think of it more as a presence. I want to have the presence that I used to have before age, weight, childbirth and breast-feeding came along. I’ve enjoyed being a mom and enjoy getting older because I gain wisdom. BUT, the idea of having symmetrical full breasts and a smooth tummy, the thought of wearing a bikini again and not having to tuck my tummy under the waistband-wow, it is just exciting, scary and amazing all at the same time.
So, thank you again. I am very grateful for you J
– Anonymous

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