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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

What Is The Purpose Of A Forehead Lift Surgery?

The purpose of a forehead lift surgery is to improve the look of a sagging or wrinkled brow. As we age, our skin becomes more elastic and the muscles underneath our face slacken. The result is the well-known furrowed brow look. That might be fine for deep thinkers, but for average folks who just want to improve their looks and slow down the ravages of age on their appearance, a forehead lift surgery might be the answer.

Purpose of Forehead Lift Surgery

Quite often the purpose of a forehead lift surgery is to work in conjunction with other facelift type procedures at the same time. If you are dealing strictly with the forehead lift surgery, then the goal of the surgeon will be the remove excess skin and fat as well as tighten up the muscles in the brow. An incision is made around the hairline and ears. The idea is to be able to naturally hide this incision within the hair line after the operation. Another method would be to insert an endoscope through tiny incisions in the scalp which will allow the surgeon to perform the procedure that way.

The Forehead Lift Surgery Procedure

This procedure will mean you

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