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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results
Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

Semi-Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions

face310Women and men who want to look their best at all times can benefit from semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, and lash artistry services performed by a highly trained and experienced professional. From subtle, natural enhancement to a bold look, your aesthetic options are endless with these popular techniques. Semi-permanent makeup even has useful applications on the body and scalp, as many men are turning to semi-permanent scalp pigmentation to help restore the look of thicker hair. We encourage you to explore our full offering of semi-permanent makeup and eyelash services. Among these options you are likely to find a technique that can perfectly suit your needs and personal aesthetic goals.

What Are the Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup & Eyelash Extensions?

There are many advantages that make semi-permanent makeup and eyelash artistry an attractive option for both women and men:

  • Save time getting ready and save money on cosmetics. Time and money spent on the daily application of cosmetics and perfecting your look can be reduced tremendously, if not completely, with semi-permanent makeup. You can potentially look forward to years of simplified maintenance ahead.
  • Results are completely customizable to suit your personal style.
  • Enhance your natural features with subtle results.
  • Wake up every morning looking your best and no longer worry about cosmetic products that smudge, run, or wash off.
  • Restore the appearance of hair from the eyebrows to the scalp.
  • Achieve a look that you’ve been unable to create with traditional cosmetics. Finally get the long, dark, full lashes you’ve always wanted, or perfectly lined eyes.
  • Semi-permanent pigments and techniques mean your results won’t last forever, so your look can evolve to suit new preferences and changes in your appearance.

Which Semi-Permanent Makeup Options Are Available?

A wide variety of semi-permanent techniques are available at our practice. These techniques are incredibly versatile and customizable to accommodate individuals of all ages who desire any kind of look. For example, semi-permanent makeup can:

  • Reinvent your brows to create symmetry, shape, and fullness. This treatment can be performed to accentuate what you already have or to restore what was once there with a beautiful outcome.
  • Enhance the eyes with classic eyeliner or go for a bolder look with options in color, liner size, and artistic style. You can finally have the perfect winged liner.
  • Revitalize and accentuate the lips with options from a “lip blush” to a “lip tint,” or choose a bold solid lip color for a full-time lipstick look.
  • Rejuvenate or recreate the natural appearance of the nipples and areola. These aspects of the breasts can be perfected and even brought back to life for those who’ve experienced traumatic injury or removal.
  • Add character with natural-looking freckles or beauty marks.
  • Camouflage the appearance of scars on the face and body.
  • Give thinning areas of hair a thicker, darker look with scalp pigmentation.

Our experienced semi-permanent makeup artist will collaborate with you to develop a customized approach that can deliver optimal results based on your natural features and the look you desire.

Which Eyelash Extension and Lash Artistry Options Are Available?

Eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular beauty secrets for enhancing the eyes with a wide range of results. Whether you want a more elegant everyday look or added drama for a special occasion, custom eyelash extensions can achieve your aesthetic goals. When eyelash extensions are placed, you no longer need mascara, lash curlers, lash strips, or adhesives. In addition to offering customized lash extensions, we also provide lash artistry services that accentuate the color and curl of eyelashes with semi-permanent results.

  • Custom eyelash extensions are available by appointment only. We offer a wide array of options which include both mink and synthetic materials; individual and volume lashes; traditional black and color options.
  • Lash lift and tint services are also available for those who would like to have perfectly curled lashes. These results can last between six to eight weeks and require no maintenance or upkeep. We offer the darkest of dark colors in lash tinting to give you high-impact results.

*Please note that for all services listed, individual results may vary.

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