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Over 90% of patients would recommend our plastic surgery practice to a friend.

View some of the handwritten notes we have received from happy patients.

“I could never explain what it means to me to have this change”

Dr. Pinsky,

I have waited half a lifetime to do this… Thank you for your encouragement and expert knowledge. I am sooo excited! I could never explain what it means to me to have this change.

Thank you

“Few people have impacted my life as much as you have!”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

Few people have impacted my life as much as you have! That is a Good Thing! Each day I have a constant reminder (through the tug in my tummy) of how great a Doctor you are and I stop to give God Praise for you! I still stand amazed at how great a Doctor you are and the generosity I encountered from you.

Thank you for being strong, not wavering and always being consistent in showering Kindness to me. I am so grateful that God allowed you to be my Physician.

Blessings, and Have a Great Thanksgiving!

“Thanks again, Dr. Pinsky!”

Dr. Pinsky – I wanted to thank you in advance for coming on this crazy journey with me. Although I must assume my procedures is the complete opposite of what you typically love doing, i truly believe that in the end, you want to make women happy with the end result. As I mentioned to Kathleen after my initial consultation last month, I am proud of my 24-year-old self for making such a wise and informed decision when selecting my doctor. I was in great hands then. I have no doubt I am now as well. Thanks again, Dr. Pinsky! Make me some beautiful itty bitties!

– Patient
“I highly recommend his talent to anyone”

Dr. Pinsky is very skillfull and knows what he is doing. After having breast cancer he made my reconstruction look like it never happened. I highly recommend his talent to anyone.

“I am in love with my results!”

Very happy with my experience with Dr. Pinsky & his office staff. From my first visit there, I knew this was the Doctor for me. Dr. Pinsky is an extremely talented surgeon & I am in love with my results. Would highly recommend!!

“Thank you for all of your kindness”

Dr. Pinsky,

Thank you for all of your kindness. I shall never forget it.

“Outstanding and very meticulous work”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

Thank you for thoughtfully applying your extraordinary skill to reshape my left nasal lobe to match my right, during my surgery. Although I am still healing, I am completely thrilled with your outstanding and very meticulous work. Your ambition to ensure the absolute best result possible, gives me the trust I look for in a professional. Once again, thank you for your diligent and brilliant surgical work to my left nasal lobe, I am most appreciative.

“I look much younger and look very well with my age”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

It has now been 5 weeks since my surgery and I am healing well. I am very happy with the results and everyone seems to notice I look much younger and look very well with my age. Thank you so much for your careful surgery and the help of your professional staff!

“Both kind and patient”

Thank you for all you have done. You are both kind and patient!

“I no longer look stressed out and tired.”

I wanted to thank you for making my first experience with Botox such a good one. I absolutely love the results and appreciate you answering all of my questions and putting me at ease. Thanks to you, I no longer look stressed out and tired. I finally look like I feel on the inside! Thank you for helping me look my best!

“I look great! I get compliments on a regular basis.”

Hi Dr. P!

Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I look great! It has been 4 months since my facelift and I get compliments on a regular basis. Your skilled hands have changed my life. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and not see a tired face. I tell everyone who asks that you were the doctor with the magic hands.

– Patient
“Perfect bedside manner that put me at complete ease”

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and for your perfect bedside manner that put me at complete ease. You made a huge decision east.

“Almost my old self”

Thank you for making me feel almost my old self. We are most pleased and you are such a huge part of that feeling – Your staff has been great!

“Enjoy the cupcakes!”

Dear Dr. Pinsky & Staff,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience with my surgery! I appreciate your kindness & care

Warm Regards
“Something I have wanted for so long”

I want to thank you so much for everything. I am so happy with the results of my surgery. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about my body now, and that is something I have wanted for so long.

Thank you so much!

– Patient
“Thank you for your help”

Dr. Pinsky,

Thank you so much for your help last week! It was so nice to see you again!!

– Patient
“You made me so relaxed!”

To the Doctor and Staff,
Thank you, for all your caring efforts during my surgery! You made me so relaxed! The outcome is great! “100% success!” My thumb is looking good! I can’t thank you enough! Sincerely, God Bless.

“We certainly appreciate it”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, Thank you for the complimentary treatment. We certainly appreciate it. I think I will follow your suggestion for a chemical peel. I will phone your office to set up an appointment. Thank you again!

“Enthusiasm and pleasant demeanor”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangement. We are all doing well. We have spoken about your enthusiasm and pleasant demeanor. He was so impressed that you would think of us on this occasion. I look forward to visiting you.

“I wanted to thank you in person”

Dr. Pinsky, I wanted to thank you in person for the nice gift certificate but haven’t been in to see you (since I have such a good delivery boy). In any case, it was very thoughtful of you and I do appreciate it. I haven’t had a change to take advantage of it yet but I am sure I will enjoy it when I do. Many more weeks like last week and I will really need a massage. Thanks again and happy New Year!

“Deep admiration for your work”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, with sincere thanks and appreciation to you, I have deep admiration for your work and really enjoy helping you. Many thanks. Thanks for your support! The flowers were beautiful! Sincerely, Patient.

“Selected surgeon for the shark bite”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, It was with great joy that I read of your selection as “surgeon” for the young man bitten by the shark. With you at the helm he will certainly enjoy a full recovery. I am looking forward to seeing you all again and I do promise to “drop in” and have lunch with you and the ladies. I would surely enjoy a tour of your beautiful new offices. Again, I’m so proud of you!

“Comfort and kindness”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, Thank you- I appreciated your consultation Friday, it was very informative. I must admit I was a little nervous, but you made me feel very comfortable. I also appreciated your discussion of the negatives of this type of procedure, I will think through them. Please Dr. Pinsky, for your kindness, I would be honored if you could join me for lunch sometime, just let me know. I will be in contact with your office soon, Thanks again!

“Some great ideas”

Dear Mark, As always… it was great seeing you this past week! I look forward to developing the surgery/spa packages with you. I’m sure that with a little brainstorming we could come up with some great ideas! Let me know when your schedule permits further discussions. Also, please take some time for yourself to relax and visit our spa.


Dear Dr. Pinsky, thanks so much for the beautiful flowers you sent me while I was in the hospital. You are so thoughtful! Sincerely, patient.

“Thanks for lifting me up”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, Please accept my sincere thanks for lifting me up. It was so sweet of you to be so kind to me. We enjoy church and Harold’s and thought you might too. See you soon. My warmest best, Patient.

“Cowboy boots and a smile”

On Feb 27,’93, late in the evening you were called to Good Samaritan to operate on my hand. You arrived all dressed up and with cowboy boots and a smile, even though I had taken you away from a charity party. I was one of 3 traveling sales women (we’re in the same business). The man who hit us unfortunately had an epileptic seizure. It’s been 3 years and my hand is so good that you deserve to know what a good job you did. I will thank you forever.

“Excellent care”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, Thank you for the excellent care I received for my infection. Your kindness is very much appreciated. I wish you much success in the West Palm Beach area!

“I’m very pleased”

Hi, Thought you all would enjoy this card. I saw SHEKA, and took my paperwork out to desk. I did not find out if I need follow up or am I all done ? I will miss my trips to your office. Of course, Doctor you could start from my eyes to my knees-just not enough in my piggy bank! I’m very pleased to have had the special work done that I did. Have a Great Summer! Fondly, Patient.

“Tears of joy”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, I’ve never been faced with a situation where I did not know how to thank someone enough for what they have done, until now. How do I express my appreciation to someone who has helped me feel better and more confident about myself? I would like you to know how much having more surgery has changed and will change my life. I don’t have to go through life hiding myself and constantly worrying about how I look. I used to look in the mirror and think, “I’m a pretty girl…with a big nose”. Now I think, “Wow…I’m a pretty girl!” You did it for me and no matter how many times I say thank you or how many cards I send, it will never really show how grateful and happy I am. Since the bandages have been taken off, there hasn’t been a day or night that I haven’t shred tears of joy. In the best way I can say it; Thank you for making me feel absolutely wonderful. It means so much to me, Sincerely, Patient.

“Felt instantly at home and at ease”

Dr. Pinsky & Jennifer, Thank you tons and tons for all you did to accommodate me at Colombia and Dr. Mosher, it gave me such relief and comfort. I am so happy I met you both and I have already recommended three girlfriends to you, so I am sure you will be hearing from them. You both make a great team. Your bed side manners made me feel instantly at home and at ease. Dr. Pinsky, you’re the “bomb” of a surgeon, no wonder your name is so well known. So guess what, you made another patient happy. Thanks again.

“So thoughtful”


Thanks! Love you, the flowers were beautiful. Thanks for being so thoughtful!

“Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to new highs in our community”

Dear Mark, Thanks for the privilege of working with you over the last several years. Through your training and advancing experiencing, you have taken breast reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to new highs in our community. It is a pleasure to work with you personally in the operating room and in the consulting arena. Beyond that, your participation in our multidisciplinary breast team meeting is extremely valuable. Mark, thanks a lot for the Doubletree Certificate. We will really enjoy a few days in that setting and will plain to use it in March. Cordially yours…

“Quite informative”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, thank you so much for your presentation on Saturday. The students and I really enjoyed it. It was quite informative. You seemed to really enjoy it as well and have a relaxed presentation. I am in contact with the person who sets up courses for Palm Beach Community College and could get you in contact with her, if you wish. I have set Dr. Gardner and Dr. Polizzi up with her and they are presenting continuing education courses for nurses and health care professionals. If you are interested please let me know. I was also interested in the idea of following you around a day in late October. I would love to see a tram flap. Also, plastic surgery is also foreign to me and I would love to spend time in your office watching those thought processes with you and your patient. I hope that we will be able to set a date. Thank you.

“Thanks a million for such a special gift”

Dear Doctor Darling, A million thanks and thanks a million for such a special gift. I love it. A special gift from a very special guy. Most lovingly, Patient.

“The best and the greatest”

Dear Doctor Pinsky, Thank you for taking good care of my mom, you are the best and the greatest.

“Your patience with me was astonishing”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you for allowing me to be in on your case. I realize what an imposition it was for you and you were still wonderful, I have a very long way to go and a whole lot more to do. Your patience with me was astonishing – thank you thank you thank you !! I can’t help it, I just want to learn by the best and YOU ARE THE BEST! I don’t think anyone else understands how important it is for me to learn the correct way , that is why I’m honored that you are willing to help me. I need to get a lot better before I impose on you anymore, I know this, but once you’ve been taught by the best, it’ll be hard to settle for the rest! (But I’ll still manage ha ha ) Thank you again!

“A little bit younger and a lot better looking”

Just to say thank you wouldn’t seem enough- you know I love you and wish you only the best… Thank you again for always making me feel just a little bit younger and a lot better looking! xxxx

“The ears look great”

Dear Mark, I wanted to express our thanks to you for taking care of us. The ears look great. If there is ever an opportunity for me to repay your friendship and professional courtesy, please let me know. Thanks again, hope to see you soon.

“Words nor money can express my gratitude”

Dear Dr. Pinsky, I greatly appreciate the adjustment made to my bill. I will certainly pay the rest as soon as I can. Neither words nor money can express my gratitude for your skill and caring. Sincerely, patient.

“Appreciation for excellent care”

Dear mark, A note of appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Just wanted to thank you for providing me with such excellent care!

“Sincere thank you”

…and warm and touching and great. And very, very much appreciated. Thank you forever.
A sincere “thank you” for your thoughtfulness. The flowers were great! Thanks.

“Exceed my expectations”

Dr. Pinsky, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I am so excited about the surgery and have no doubt that the result will exceed my expectations. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday morning!

“Please with results”

Thank you- I’m so pleased with the results and I just wanted to thank you and your staff again!

“Warmest wishes”

Dr. Pinsky, sending you warmest Christmas wishes from afar. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

“Gave me a tummy of a teenager”

I live in the New York Metropolitan area surrounded by good doctors but about 14 years ago I was in Florida and decided on a very small procedure with Dr. Pinsky because he was highly recommended by family and friends. I never forgot the experience and the professionalism that ensued before, during and after my procedure with Dr. Pinsky and his staff. Every detail was explained and I always felt completely positive and confident with every phase of the procedure four months ago. I decided to have a tummy tuck and the doctor that I decided to so this very involved procedure was, again, Dr. Pinsky. My biggest concern was that Dr. Pinskys office was about one and a half hours away from where I stay in Florida and I knew that I would require additional time and effort for travel and hotel stay before during and after the operation. My decision to do this with Dr. Pinsky was the best ever. A long time ago I had liposuction done in the abdominal area by a different doctor which left me with scar tissue and a very uneven surface. Dr. Pinsky was able to eliminate all the imperfections and give me a tummy of a teenager. He is a perfectionist from every standpoint. My tummy is flat and he exceeded all my expectations. Dr. Pinsky, you are truly an artist and your staff was so accommodating, helpful and wonderful, especially Cheryl. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Patient.


Dr. Pinsky and Office Staff,

Here I am again giving Dr. Pinsky my sincere thanks for all you did for me to look better and to all your office staff who were so helpful every time I needed to ask any question about the procedure, specifically to Ana Licota who was marvelous.

May god bless all of you guys,

““A beautiful job””

Dear Dr. Pinsky,
Thank you for doing a beautiful job for me. I truly appreciate you taking the time and your skill. I can tell that you care about my results. You and your team have made this medical process pleasant and smooth.
Thank you

“Your extreme generosity”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

I wanted to say thank you for your extreme generosity yesterday at your office. I was a bit shocked and even thought I said you were sweet, I could not remember if I actually said thank you. Thank you for all that you have done for me. There is not another surgeon I trust for any of my procedures.

You are the best!

“Finest Care”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,
Thank you for the finest care-
Your staff is the best.
Love to all,

“I feel complete”

Dr. Pinsky,
A thank you seems too simple for what you did for me, but may I tell you that every time I look at my breasts- I feel complete. You created a piece of art!

So let me simply thank you to a perfect job well done!


“Another perfect result”

I have had Dr. Pinsky operate on me in the past and had a perfect result and I came back for a second operation and had another perfect result. I would recommend Dr. Pinsky to anyone!!

– Frank B
“Dr. Pinsky and his staff are amazing”

Hands down the best! Dr. Pinsky and his staff are amazing. I felt well taken care of both medically and professionally. I am beyond pleased with my results. Thank you, Dr. Pinsky.

“When there’s work that is perfect, Dr. Pinsky is always behind it.”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

Now that I’m just 2 days out from my surgery, I have managed to go from the category of “nervous beyond belief” to a “nervous wreck”- which is a HUGE downgrade of nerves/fright in my world-and it’s all because of your reputation.

I was told 2 things about you this week that were completely unsolicited and unexpected. During my ultrasound on Friday, the woman at my OBGYN’s office asked if the same surgeon who did my breast reduction was doing the lipo of my bilateral breasts. I told her no, and that it would be you. He response was, “Oh, thank goodness. You picked the best surgeon there is. I see breasts all day long and when there’s work that is perfect, Dr. Pinsky is always behind it. “ She went to say, “When a woman has problems, like you do, Dr. Pinsky is never responsible. His work is stellar and you’ll be happy.” Wow!

Then, during my pre-op at the hospital yesterday, one of the nurses asked who did my reduction. When I told her she said, “Yeah, I figured it wasn’t Dr. Pinsky. If it had been, you wouldn’t be needing more work-it would have been perfect the first time.”

While my best friend, is one of your patients and has raved about you for years, it was so reassuring to hear the same kind of comments from complete strangers.

With that said, please sleep like a baby Wednesday night and I’ll see you Thursday morning.

Thank you for being so wonderful at what you do.

Optimistic and eager to be normal

– Patient
“Best surgeon with an awesome staff”

Since the first time I entered your office, I had the sense of peace and gratitude for finding the best surgeon with an awesome staff. Even after my turn of events, my confidence was unchanged. I am always counting my blessing for being led to your practice

– Patient
“A marvelous job”

Dear Doctor,
I do not know how often you receive a report from a former patient, but an event today made me inclined to reach out to you. I was one of those Zwecker to Weisburg to you patients and you performed a skin graft in the middle of my forehead on January 18th. I had a periodic visit to with my GP Harold Cotler, Wall, NJ today and he knows me very well. He pointed at his forehead and stated, “That was a marvelous job that you had done there!” From one professional to another, I thought that you might enjoy this compliment…. With Sincere Gratitude, Patient.

“Absolutely perfect”

Dr. Pinsky is the best Plastic Surgeon. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results of my breast surgery. They are absolutely perfect. I have been to a few Doctors before and none could compare to him. Not only did he make me feel so comfortable and at ease but so did all of his staff! What a wonderful place!

“Ambiance of excellence and welcoming warmth”

This was overall an outstanding professional experience. Not only is Dr. Pinsky a superb surgeon, but he and his partner have created an ambiance of excellence and welcoming warmth.

“Thrilled with my surgical results”

I think that your office staff and nurses are friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. I am thrilled with my surgical results and the way in which I was treated from the pre-surgical interview through aftercare. I highly recommend this office.

– Susanne
“Peaceful and lovely”

The patient waiting room is very relaxing. The waterfall behind the receptionist desk is so peaceful and lovely. I like the self-serve refrigerator for a bottled water, too.

“Warm and welcoming”

I was pleased, as always, with my visit to your office. Dr. Pinsky was warm and did an excellent job of explaining my options. His personnel were warm and welcoming.

– Leighan
“A caring genuine artist”

Dr Pinsky is not only an excellent Doctor, he is an artist and most important; he cares about his patients in a genuine way. A trait that is missing in most Doctors that I have seen in the past years. Five stars from me for sure.

“Everyone knows your name”

What I love about Dr. Pinsky and his office is that EVERYONE is happy. The Staff greets you with a smile and they all work together. It’s kind of like Cheers – everyone knows your name.

– Margherita
“Planned for perfect results”

I would not trust any other practice with my health Dr. Pinsky and the staff are phenomenal. My options were explained to me in full they helped me create a plan and execute that plan to give me the perfect results.I know I’m in good hands every time I walk in the door.

“Staff made me feel very comfortable”

I was extremely satisfied with both Dr. Pinsky and his professional and friendly staff. I was new to the procedure I getting and therefore very nervous. Dr. Pinsky and his staff made me feel very comfortable and addressed my fears. I will definitely be back and recommend the practice to my friends & family.

“Takes the time to listen and understand my concerns”

Dr. Pinsky always takes the time to listen to my concerns to understand exactly what I want to achieve. His expert opinion always leaves me very pleased with the results.

– Victoria
“It was efficient, friendly and stress-free”

I think this office is the most professionally run I’ve ever been to. From the receptionist to the nurses, to of course, the doctor, it was efficient, friendly and stress-free.

“The practice is run like a fine tuned clock”

Dr. Pinsky strives for perfection, which is admirable, & a trait to be proud of. The practice is run like a fine tuned clock, with smoothness, in all aspects.

– Penny
“I found the whole experience exciting!”

I found the whole experience exciting! From my first visit with Dr. Pinsky to my last. I cannot say enough about Dr. Pinsky and the office staff and how wonderful and professional they were.

“Very talented and loves his career”

Dr Pinsky is very talented and loves his career. It shows in his personality and his creative abilities. I have recommended him and will continue to do so.

– Sheila
“Fortunate to have him as my surgeon”

Dr. Pinsky is my hero. His professionalism, kind manners and most important explaining everything, just simply made me feel so hopeful. I knew my journey would take time but being in his care and being fortunate enough that I had him as my surgeon, I truly was blessed.

– Melisandre
“Everyone involved with my procedure was extremely courteous”

Everyone involved with my procedure was extremely courteous and professional. I am so happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Dr. Pinsky and his staff to anyone.

– Lynn H.

Dr. P,
I am “honored” to have you as a surgeon!
“Thank you”,

“I will be back for more work”

Dr. Pinsky is one of the best, he takes very well care for his patients, I will be back for more work. Thank you!

– Liz
“A hundred percent comfortable and my results”

I had a wonderful experience with Dr Pinsky and staff they were warm and attentive to all my concerns and made me feel a hundred percent comfortable and my results was amazing more than I could imagine I should have done this years ago.

“You have changed me forever”

Dr. Pinsky, There aren’t words powerful enough to really express how you have changed my life. For 35 years I struggled with my breast abnormality. You have changed me forever and I am beyond grateful. There is no better person to trust and feel safe with than Dr. Pinsky.

Thank you.

– Lori
“I would recommend you to anyone!”

Thank you so much Dr. Pinsky! I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks for being so patient with me and all my questions. You’re the best!!!

– Jessica
“Boosted my self confidence and self esteem”

I am so excited that I had breast surgery. It has boosted my self confidence and my self esteem. I feel sexy for the fist time in my life and I am 47 years old. This has been life changing in an amazing way!

– Kathy G
“Informative consultation”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

Thank you – I appreciated your consultation Friday. It was very informative. I must admit I was a little nervous, but you made me feel very comfortable. I also appreciated your discussion of the negatives of this type of procedure, I will think through them.

“All these years, you have made me look wonderful”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

I am finally writing this very over do thank you! I am so grateful to have you in my life for all these years, you have made me look wonderful for a woman my age!

I will be seeing you again!

Much love and respect,

“100% Success”

To the Doctor and Staff,

Thank you for all your caring efforts during my surgery! You made me so relaxed! The outcome is great! 100% success! I can’t thank you enough!

Sincerely, God Bless

“Skilled perfectionist”

Doctor Pinsky is a skilled perfectionist. He is caring as well as compassionate. I cannot thank him enough- he is simply the best

“The most beautiful breasts I have ever seen”

I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your kindness, patience, and the special treatment I feel that you have given me during my breast reconstruction. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have found you and I love your caring staff. Dr. Pinsky, you took me from feeling like a freak with deformed breasts that I was told by my previous doctor “This is as good as it gets” to the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. I am so VERY proud of my breasts and how I feel about myself even though I know breasts does not make me who I am it does affect me when I look in the mirror.The last 19 months has been a long road for me and it is only because of you, Dr. Pinsky that I smile every time I get out of the shower and see the wonderful job you did, and remember the horror that I used to look at before I found you.

There are not enough words to tell you how much I love and respect you as a man, a doctor and a man so skilled with your hands and your God given talents. The drive I make each time I visit you is 3 1/2 hours one way and I have been more than happy to make that drive each and every time.

Darlene B
“I’ve enjoyed getting older but I want to wear a bikini again”

Dear Dr. Pinsky,
I just wanted to say thank you (in advance). I have no idea how loopy I will be the next time I see you so I wanted to be able to verbalize this while I am still alert and oriented. (although I am sure I will be quite amusing while loopy).

I have thought about breast augmentation and fixing my tummy for such a long time and was never able to commit to surgery. Even now, the day before my surgery, I have to say that it is still seems somewhat surreal to me. I know some may say it’s vanity but I think of it more as a presence. I want to have the presence that I used to have before age, weight, childbirth and breast-feeding came along. I’ve enjoyed being a mom and enjoy getting older because I gain wisdom. BUT, the idea of having symmetrical full breasts and a smooth tummy, the thought of wearing a bikini again and not having to tuck my tummy under the waistband-wow, it is just exciting, scary and amazing all at the same time.
So, thank you again. I am very grateful for you J

– Anonymous