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DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion is a gentle, three-in-one advanced skin resurfacing treatment that exfoliates the top layers of tissue and infuses deeper layers with various serums to treat specific skin concerns. This dynamic treatment also performs painless pore extractions and deep cleansing of the skin. At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, we use DiamondGlow on all skin types to treat a variety of skin conditions all over the body.

Benefits of DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion

The beauty of DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion is that each treatment can be fully customized to target deep and superficial skin issues. While the microdermabrasion and gentle suction of DiamondGlow exfoliate the skin’s surface and unclog pores, the cleansed healthy skin beneath is simultaneously infused with professional-grade serums. Each Pro-Infusion serum is formulated using active skin rejuvenating ingredients that are designed to deeply penetrate and bring about optimal skin improvements.

At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, our highly experienced aesthetician uses DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion to treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Brown spots
  • Acne (black heads, white heads, cystic, and inflammatory acne)
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Dry skin
  • Rough and/or uneven skin

Following treatment, you may notice that your renewed skin readily absorbs and responds to the skin care products you apply. With regularly scheduled DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion sessions—performed by our highly skilled esthetician—it is possible to amplify treatment benefits, target a variety of skin concerns, and maintain your rejuvenated skin.

Want to find out how customized DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion treatments can benefit your skin? Schedule a skin evaluation with our esthetician to discuss your concerns and develop an effective strategy for achieving smoother, more radiant skin!

Does DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion Hurt?

DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that is designed to be pain-free. The vast majority of patients report that their DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion sessions are comfortable and relaxing, and they do not require any downtime afterward. It is perfectly normal to experience some skin redness immediately following the procedure; however, this temporary condition typically resolves quickly.

DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion Results

Immediately after a treatment, most patients notice a 70% improvement in skin volume and radiance. DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion also has the added benefit of stimulating collagen production within the skin, which means results can continue to improve after the initial results are seen. New collagen can improve tissue elasticity, firm the skin, and even smooth wrinkles. We usually recommend a package of DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion sessions to achieve maximum improvement in your skin condition. The number of sessions will be based on the type of skin challenges you are experiencing and how your skin responds to treatment.

How is DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion Different from a HydraFacial®?

DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion is able to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions because the patented mechanism that allows the handpiece to simultaneously exfoliate, suction, and infuse the skin enables the serum’s active ingredients to reach deeper into the skin’s dermal-epidermal junction. In contrast, HydraFacial® is a much more superficial skin treatment that is unable to reach the same depth as DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion. Furthermore, while DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion can be a great treatment for various types of acne, HydraFacial® is specifically not recommended for the treatment of acne. Finally, DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion uses a varied selection of diamond tips to exfoliate the skin, making the treatment more specialized based on your skin type. HydraFacial®, on the other hand, uses one plastic tip and achieves most of its exfoliation through a chemical process.

Do you have more questions about DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion? Our med spa esthetician would be happy to examine your skin to see if you are a good candidate for DiamondGlow Dermalinfusion. She can also recommend a clinical-grade skin care regimen designed to help you achieve and maintain your healthiest, most beautiful skin. Contact our office to schedule your appointment!