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There are many health reasons behind why your hair may not look its best, and the revolutionary new Nutrafol® hair growth and wellness system can be the key to unlocking your most beautiful hair. After thoroughly reviewing the clinical data, ingredients, and patient results, our plastic surgeons have hand-selected this impressive system to offer to our patients. This all-natural approach zeroes in on several of the internal root causes of poor hair health, and with consistent adherence to the program, both male and female patients can enjoy thicker, healthier, shinier, faster-growing hair.

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What Is Nutrafol®?

Nutrafol is an all-natural, drug-free hair growth and wellness program created using carefully formulated botanicals and supportive nutrients. To achieve its treatment goals, Nutrafol is designed to target multiple health factors that can impede optimal hair growth, luster, thickness, and strength. By focusing on the underlying causes of poor hair health—which can include stress, allergens/free-radicals, sub-optimal nutrition, hormone imbalances, immune signalling disruption, and genetics—Nutrafol’s holistic approach can transform the condition of your hair follicles and hair to achieve dramatic improvements you can see and feel.

The scientists behind Nutrafol understand that the health and function of the liver, endocrine system, adrenal system, gut, and metabolic system all play important roles in hair growth and health. Each individual’s treatment needs are unique, and your customized Nutrafol GrowthPlan® is developed based on a comprehensive analysis of your hair and overall health. Your GrowthPlan aims to properly fuel the mechanisms of hair growth to provide the best possible results.

What Can Nutrafol® Do?

Since Nutrafol is based on hair growth science, every aspect of your unique GrowthPlan focuses on eliminating specific systemic impediments to hair growth and supporting optimal hair follicle function. The active botanicals in the Nutrafol system have potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress (adaptogenic), and DHT-inhibiting (DHT is a hormone that causes hair loss and thinning) properties, which can lead to measurable improvements in hair quality. Patients who are committed to their Nutrafol program for a minimum of 6 months and beyond can typically notice:

  • Shinier hair
  • Fuller-looking hair
  • New hair growth
  • Faster hair growth
  • Thicker hair coverage
  • Softer, smoother hair texture
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Who is a Candidate for the Nutrafol® System?

If you’ve noticed excessive shedding, areas of thinning hair, dull luster, and/or slow hair growth, the all-natural Nutrafol system may be the right option for restoring the health and beauty of your hair. The process begins with a Nutrafol consultation to evaluate your hair, scalp, and overall health and create a custom Nutrafol GrowthPlan that is curated to suit the wellness needs of your hair and body. To get started, contact Pinsky Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation!

What Does the Nutrafol® System Entail?

Nutrafol GrowthPlans consist of nutraceutical products in the Core Solutions category and supplemental Targeted Boosters line. Core Solutions are designed to provide a foundation for hair wellness by treating the root causes of your hair concerns, which include environmental, metabolic, hormonal, stress, and nutritional factors. There are specific Core Solutions formulations for the unique hair growth needs of men and women: Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Women’s Balance, and Nutrafol Men.

To further customize your GrowthPlan, Targeted Boosters may be included in your Nutrafol regimen. Based on the results of your hair wellness evaluation, complementary products from the Targeted Boosters line may be recommended to provide support to specific systems of the body for optimal hair health. Targeted Boosters are formulated to address hair issues related to your liver function, gut health, hormone balance, adrenal function, and metabolism.

Each Nutrafol product nourishes, protects, balances, and supports the body precisely where you need it, and one of our physicians can suggest the right Core Solutions and Targeted Boosters to overcome your hair growth obstacles.

What Results Can I Expect from Nutrafol®?

For the right candidates, the Nutrafol system can produce noticeable results with consistent use. The proof is in the published results of Nutrafol’s clinical study (focused on the Women’s Core formula), which show that after six months:

  • 80% of women noticed improved hair thickness
  • 76% of women saw new hair growth
  • 80% experienced improved hair growth

In addition to the study, Nutrafol has collected before-and-after photos and testimonials from an overwhelming number of satisfied male and female Nutrafol users. Prior to offering Nutrafol at Pinsky Plastic Surgery, our surgeons thoroughly reviewed the science behind Nutrafol, the clinical data, and case studies. We now confidently recommend Nutrafol as an effective tool in the fight against hair loss and thinning, and we are encouraged by the outstanding results our own patients have achieved. During your consultation, our doctors can explain the Nutrafol process, design a custom GrowthPlan for your needs, and discuss the expectations for improvement. While Nutrafol may not work the same for every individual, good candidates for the system who stick with their treatment protocol typically see noticeable results they are happy with.

For men and women who desire more immediate hair growth results, our physicians can also perform NeoGraft® hair transplant surgery. This automated hair transplant system can be used to treat most varieties of hair loss, and with this we can consistently create long-lasting results that look and feel natural. For an optimized outcome, the Nutrafol system may be combined with your NeoGraft treatment plan to improve the quality and growth of transplanted hair.

How Much Does Nutrafol® Cost?

Since each Nutrafol GrowthPlan is unique to your individual needs, the price for your care must be calculated during your consultation. The cost for each Core Solution and Targeted Booster product, along with the frequency at which these products must be purchased, will be discussed up front so that you are aware of how much your Nutrafol GrowthPlan will cost month after month. To make your Nutrafol hair growth and wellness therapy more accessible and affordable, we accept payment with cash, check, and major credit cards, in addition to offering financing through trusted third-party lenders—PatientFi® and CareCredit®. With PatientFi and CareCredit financing, approved applicants can enjoy low rates and flexible monthly payment plans that suit nearly any budget.

Are you interested in thicker, shinier, faster-growing hair? Contact Pinsky Plastic Surgery today to schedule your Nutrafol consultation.