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Similar to BOTOX® Cosmetic and Xeomin®, Dysport® is composed of the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, which is designed to relax the facial muscles and soften wrinkles and fine lines. Dysport® can be a great option for both preventative and corrective anti-aging treatments. It can begin to relax wrinkles in as little as two to four days and may last as long as four months. It is thought to have a wider “spread” when injected, which is useful in larger areas of the face, like the forehead or extended crow’s feet. It may not be the product of choice when a smaller “spread” or more pin-point relaxation is desired, like around the eyes. Dysport® is often an effective choice for patients who may have become “resistant” to BOTOX® Cosmetic (a rare occurrence and felt to develop after frequent repeated early injections).

*Benefits of Dysport®

There are a variety of benefits from selecting Dysport® treatment. This treatment option is designed to:

  • Minimize the appearance of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles
  • Temporarily relax the facial muscles to delay the development of future wrinkles
  • Minimal downtime – many patients resume regular activities and wearing makeup by the next day
  • Long-lasting results – results generally last up to four months
  • Offer a quick treatment technique – can usually be completed during a lunch hour

Commonly Treated Areas

Dysport® can help prevent and diminish moderate to severe wrinkles and fine lines, and is commonly used to treat:

  • “Bunny” lines (upper area of the nose)
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Creases between the eyebrows
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet

*How Does It Work?

Over time, repeated facial muscle action from laughing, frowning, smiling, and crying can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and on other parts of the face. Dysport® works to temporarily relax and reduce muscle contractions. This can ultimately smooth out wrinkles and delay the onset of additional wrinkles from appearing.

A topical numbing agent can be applied to treatment sites to minimize discomfort, but usually no anesthesia or sedation is required with this minimally-invasive option. We will inject the smallest amount of of Dysport® needed for your to achieve excellent, natural-looking results. Treatment can typically be completed within a lunch hour. Benefits are usually seen immediately after treatment.

*Individual Results May Vary

*What About After My Injection?

Minor side effects such as swelling and redness may occur after treatment. However, any side effects experienced are typically minimal and quickly subside. Many patients can return to work immediately after treatment, so there is usually little to no downtime following Dysport® treatment. While benefits are generally immediate, full results usually develop over the course of three to seven days following treatment. Our patients can usually enjoy the benefits of treatment for three to four months.

*Individual Results May Vary