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Breast Revision

breast5Even the most successful breast surgeries can require another procedure down the road. More often than not, the follow-up procedures associated with breast augmentation surgeries have little to do with the original procedure. The most common reason for breast revision surgery is that the patient wished they had gone bigger. While many women are concerned during their initial surgery that they don’t want to go too large with their breast augmentation, once the swelling subsides they may wish that they had. According to FDA statistics as much as 37% of breast revision surgeries are the result of women seeking a larger breast size.

Another contributing factor can be a preference in implant type. Many women change their mind after spending some time with their breast implants and feel a switch from saline to silicone or vice versa would be better for them. This may be to remove a rippling effect in the breast or simply to have a more natural feel.

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Natural breast changes can also occur that can affect a prior procedure. Examples of this include weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or even age. When Mother Nature makes changes to a woman’s body it can affect how the implant sits. In some cases, as a woman ages, changes in lifestyle might simply warrant the removal of a breast implant. In this case, the procedure is often couple with a breast lift, but not always.

Of course accidents do happen and occasionally breast revision surgery is required to repair a damaged implant that has deflated or ruptured.

One of the more unfortunate reasons for a breast revision surgery is poor surgical work. Women who may not be happy with the results from a previous breast augmentation will seek surgeons to fix the resulting issues from that first surgery.

Regardless of the reasons for seeking out a breast revision surgery, it is important to know as much as possible about breast revision procedures and for the patient to arrive at their consultation with a list of questions to ask of the cosmetic surgeon. Education is the best tool in having a successful procedure.

Prior to a Breast Revision Surgery

It is important for the patient to prepare for their plastic surgery just as much as your plastic surgeon—Dr. Mark Pinsky. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Pinsky will give the patient a list of instructions to ensure the best possible surgical outcome. It is important that you follow these instructions to the letter!

One of the biggest things a patient can do to ensure the success of their breast revision surgery is to be open and honest with Dr. Pinsky during the consultation process. A potential patient needs to share their medical history openly. If the operating surgeon knows about a patient’s medical history including such things as high blood pressure, bleeding or blood clotting issues, etc. the surgeon can better plan for the procedure.

It is also important to ask lots of questions and set expectations reasonably. By engaging in a dialogue well in advance of a cosmetic procedure with the surgeon a patient is better informed going in. Patients who are informed and have reasonable expectations are more satisfied with their end results.

For smokers, it is important for the success of the cosmetic procedure and recovery, to stop smoking as soon as possible before your procedure. It is clinically proven that smoking can delay healing. A delay in healing can result in scarring and also increases the chances of bleeding from the procedure. In addition, patients are encouraged to eat healthy diets, drink lots of water, and be in their best physical condition before going into surgery.

Prior to surgery a patient will need to make some other lifestyle changes as well, such as not take aspirin or products containing ibuprofen. These products present challenges to normal blood clotting. This can increase a patient’s risk of bleeding and bruising from a face and/or neck surgery. Tylenol and products containing acetaminophen are safe.

If a patient is prescribed medications by their primary care physician they should continue to take them, but any vitamins and herbal supplements will have to stop prior to surgery. Dr. Pinsky will advise a patient when it is safe to resume taking them post-surgery.

The patient should also avoid alcohol for two weeks prior to and after their surgery and try to decrease salt intake. Even moderate levels of salt consumption can increase swelling.
Most of all, drink plenty of water. Water can flush harmful toxins out of our system and can help our body to reach top form. For the recovery process to be the best it can be, drink plenty of water leading up and after a cosmetic procedure.

*This video contains nudity

After a Breast Revision Surgery

Recovery from a breast revision surgery will be much like the recovery of the initial breast augmentation. A patient can expect some pain and discomfort which can be managed with pain medication. If the pain from the breast revision is too much (for instance sharp and unbearable) contact the surgeon immediately.

Compression wraps will be used to help with swelling. The swelling can be present for three to four weeks, but a patient will be able to see the results of your procedure within the first week.

While a person who has had breast revision surgery may be up and moving soon after the procedure, it is important for the sake of the healing process that they plan to take it easy for a few weeks.

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