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KYBELLA® is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a non-surgical injection for reducing the small fat pad that can often occur under the chin. This product had been in development for ten years before becoming widely available for use. KYBELLA® contains deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your body. When injected into areas of excess fat under the chin, KYBELLA® destroys the targeted fat cells. Fat cells do not re-form in adults, so when they are gone they likely will not come back.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for KYBELLA®?

Ideal candidates for KYBELLA® are typically adult women and men who are in reasonably good overall health and are experiencing a collection of excess fat in the upper neck and under the chin. It is important to note that treatments such as KYBELLA® and the CoolMini (another non-surgical alternative for double chin reduction here at our practice) are not substitutes for a lower facelift or neck lift surgery. KYBELLA® and the CoolMini procedure can only be beneficial for patients suffering from an excess amount of fat under the chin – they cannot correct skin laxity (loose, sagging skin) or visible neck bands. During your initial consultation, we will talk with you about your goals and determine whether KYBELLA® is the best solution.

How Are KYBELLA® Injections Performed?

KYBELLA® ultimately destroys the excess fat cells causing the appearance of a double-chin, and your body then gradually filters them out through natural processes. Treatments are non-surgical and performed in the office at Pinsky Plastic Surgery. The areas of excess fat under your chin will be “mapped” for up to 50 tiny injections, depending on your needs. The skin in the treatment areas can be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize any potential discomfort from the injections. At least two treatments are often necessary for the best possible results. Patients with larger amounts of excess fat may require additional treatments.

KYBELLA® procedures typically last about one hour. There is usually no need for an extensive recovery period after this treatment. In fact, most individuals are able to resume normal daily routines within 24 to 48 hours.

Are There Any KYBELLA® Side Effects?

After KYBELLA® treatment, you will be given ice to apply to the targeted areas. We will also encourage you to take an anti-inflammatory medication, such as Advil®, for discomfort and inflammation. The most common side effect is swelling in the injection area, which can be significant. Redness and swelling should dissipate within a few days.

How Long Does KYBELLA® Last?

Since the KYBELLA® solution is designed to destroy the targeted fat cells, the results of this procedure may last a lifetime. With that in mind, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and to limit excessive weight fluctuations as much as possible in order to maximize the longevity of benefits from this advanced treatment.

How Much Does KYBELLA® Cost?

The average cost for KYBELLA® treatment at our practice is typically $2,350 to $3,250. Please note that the specific price is often different for each patient based on the amount of KYBELLA® solution necessary to achieve individual goals, the ideal number of KYBELLA® treatments that will be required, and other factors associated with the customized treatment plan. Once you have been examined during the initial consultation and your treatment plan has been developed, a member of our staff will calculate a total estimate of the cost and present it to you for review. Pinsky Plastic Surgery accepts many convenient forms of payment, and we work with several reputable lending agencies that offer qualified applicants a range of financing options.

KYBELLA® is a revolutionary advance in the field of cosmetic enhancement, offering individuals a way to beautifully enhance their profile and address a very common problem without the need for surgery or long recovery periods. We are very excited about this procedure and we invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss which of the many treatment options we offer can meet your aesthetic goals, budget, and recovery-time requirements. For more information on KYBELLA® non-surgical treatment for a double-chin, please contact us today!