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BIA-ALCL, Breast Implant Removal, & En Bloc Capsulectomy

Understandably, this year’s FDA Safety Communication regarding breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) and Allergan’s subsequent voluntary recall of BIOCELL® textured surface breast implants has caused concern among patients with breast implants. Many women with breast implants in the Palm Beach area have contacted Pinsky Plastic Surgery seeking Dr. Mark Pinsky’s professional opinion about these recent breast implant developments and the proper steps to take next to ensure their personal safety.

Dr. Pinsky’s vast experience with breast implants and breast surgery makes him a trusted resource in the community for not only his own patients, but for individuals who have undergone breast augmentation procedures with other surgeons. Since his time as an FDA Clinical Investigator for both Mentor® Corporation and Allergan® breast implants, Dr. Pinsky has stayed current with BIA-ALCL and breast implant illness (BII) developments and offers patients who are concerned about their breast implants the opportunity to learn more about these conditions and follow through with diagnostic imaging and testing when desired.

While confirmed cases of these breast implant-related health conditions are extremely rare, Dr. Pinsky provides compassionate guidance to any individual who is concerned about the potential health consequences of their breast implants. For women who have made the personal decision to have their breast implants removed, Dr. Pinsky offers state-of-the-art explant procedures performed with the utmost precision to protect patient health and deliver exceptional results. Among these procedures is en bloc capsulectomy surgery, a technically complex explant approach that removes a breast implant while it is still encased in the entire scar tissue capsule that surrounds it. He also performs breast restoration procedures using new implants, breast lift techniques, and/or the patient’s own fat (simultaneous implant exchange with fat—SIEF) to maintain natural-looking breast contours following breast implant removal. All of these procedures are custom-tailored to the unique concerns, needs, and aesthetic goals of the patient to deliver an optimized result.

Are you concerned about your breast implants or considering breast implant removal? If so, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pinsky to discuss your concerns, evaluate the current condition of your breast implants, and learn more about the breast procedures available to you at Pinsky Plastic Surgery.