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Breast Augmentation FAQs

Where is the surgery performed?
The surgery is performed at ambulatory surgery centers that are accredited by the Association for ambulatory healthcare and Medicare and are located on or near campus of major hospitals where the doctors have admitting privileges.

Can the surgery be done at a hospital?
Yes. Dr. Pinsky, is on staff at several local hospitals.

What type of anesthesia do you use?
General anesthesia is required.

Will I be charged for follow up appointments? Is the cost of medications included in the final cost?
There will be no charge for postoperative appointments. Medication costs are not included but may be offset by your health insurance.

When can I eat after surgery?
You will be able to have liquids the night of surgery, and progress as tolerated to solid food.

When can I drive?
When you are no longer taking pain medication.

Will I be able to breast feed if I become pregnant?
You should be able to breast-feed following augmentation. Especially at the incision is placed beneath her breasts and not around the nipple.

Will I be exactly the same on both sides?
Most patients are not perfectly symmetrical prior to their breast augmentation. We will make every attempt to minimize differences between your breasts at the time of surgery.

Will I lose feeling to my nipples?
Generally, nipple sensation will be preserved. Some patients will report increased sensitivity or diminished sensation. This is transient, but in some instances may be permanent.

What are other risks of the procedure?
Bleeding, and infection. There is also a risk of implant deflation or formation of scar tissue around the implants. This may make your breasts feel hard or tight, and require further surgery to correct.

Can I get mammograms after breast augmentation?
Mammograms still need to be obtained at the recommended intervals. Special views will be obtained for appropriate visualization of your breast when implants are in place.