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Considering A Breast Lift After Pregnancy

Breast lift surgery, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgery that lifts and shapes the breasts and sometimes reduces the size of the areola. The point of the procedure is to temporarily offset the natural effects of age and gravity by lifting the breasts, thus giving them a more youthful appearance. Following birth, many women experience their breast increasing in size due the amount of milk in them and the breasts will remain like that until they finally deflate after the body stops lactating. This leads to most women being unhappy with their new shape and condition and looking for ways to improve their bodies. Many consider it, and end up following through with breast lift surgery after pregnancy. Whether you do is a personal decision that should be made in consultation with your doctor.

Why Should I Have a Breast Lift After Pregnancy?

There are many reasons to have this procedure after being pregnant. Many women complain that their breasts are saggy, limp, and in some cases smaller than they were before giving birth. The level of sagginess varies among different cases but some experience nipples dropping below the crease and even pointing towards the ground. This procedure will not enlarge your breasts but will instead give them more perkiness by reducing the size and location of the nipples, removing excess skin, and reshaping the breast.

What if I May Be Planning to Have Another Child, Is Breast Lift Surgery a Good Idea?

Women should wait until they are certain they are finished having children or even nursing before they even consider a breast lift procedure. If you were to have this procedure and then become pregnant it would negate all of the positive results of the breast lift, causing your breasts to stretch once again.

What Kinds of Risks are Involved with Breast Lift Surgery After Pregnancy?

All surgery carries some uncertainty and risk. A breast lift is not a simple operation, but it’s normally safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there is always a possibility of complications or a reaction to the anesthesia. Bleeding and infection following a breast lift are uncommon, but they can cause scars to widen. The procedure can also leave you with unevenly positioned nipples, or a loss of feeling in your nipples or breasts. You can reduce your risks by closely following your physician’s advice both before and after surgery. be sure to ask your doctor if there is anything about the procedure you don’t understand.

Before anyone should consider having a breast lift after pregnancy they will want to consider the risks and complications that may be involved since surgery is involved. There are certainly many advantages to this procedure, especially for women that have been through a pregnancy, but it is extremely important to do your research and make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page.