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Most Common Types Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons why a patient would enlist the aid of a plastic surgeon for reconstructive surgery. When performed by qualified and experienced physicians, reconstructive surgery can go a long way towards restoring a normal look. Here are the most common types of reconstructive plastic surgery:

Breast Reconstruction/Reduction

The mere mention of breast augmentation conjures up images of Hollywood pin up models looking to cause an even bigger sensation with their looks. Breast reconstruction is another matter. After a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction can do wonders for restoring a woman’s sense of normalcy and confidence in her appearance, allowing her to get back to enjoying her new life.

Breast reduction can also be a life-changing medical procedure. Large breasts can lead to years of chronic back pain and discomfort. A breast reduction can alleviate that strain by reducing the size of the breast. There is also a growing popularity for breast reduction surgery for men, especially those who has gone through a significant weight loss.

Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip

A cleft palate or cleft lip is associated with children as a birth defect. With the capable skills of an experienced plastic surgeon, there no longer has to be a stigma attached to this issue. When the child is of appropriate age, a plastic surgeon can put many years of advanced training and technique to work and have the effects of a cleft palate or cleft lip removed or diminished.


Rhinoplasty is most commonly referred as a nose job. As with breast augmentation, rhinoplasty is often undertaken for appearance’s sake. People sometimes aren