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Reduce Excess Skin With An Arm Lift

One of the most popular shows on television is The Biggest Loser. On that show viewers get to watch from week-to-week as regular folks with a weight problem struggle with shedding pounds. Quite often the results are nothing short of amazing. However, one of the side effects if a huge weight loss could be excessive skin, especially around the arms. This condition can also occur as we age and our skin, unfortunately, begins to sag. Fortunately, talented plastic surgeons have developed very successful methods for reducing excess skin with an arm lift.

The Brachioplasty

The same principle that occurs with a face lift or tummy tuck applies with the procedure known as brachioplasty or the arm lift. A plastic surgeon will make an incision along the upper arm. Then excessive skin is removed, fatty deposits extracted and muscles are tightened. The incision is sutured back in place. The result is a younger, tighter appearance of the upper arms. No more flab!

The Arm Lift Surgery Process

Removing excess skin with an arm lift is considered an invasive surgical procedure. That might sound scary but what it actually means is that in order to achieve the results, incisions in the body have to be made. The opposite of this would be a non-invasive procedure such a Botox® injections or laser skin treatments. In those cases, no incisions are made.

With invasive procedures, the patient will have to be put under anesthesia. The arm lift surgery can be performed with a local anesthesia along with intravenous sedation. You could also decide on a general anesthesia and be completely