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What Is The Eyelid Surgery Recovery Process?

Blepharoplasty, the medical name for eyelid surgery, has become an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure performed worldwide that is favored by both men and women. Many people consider your age to be most apparent when looking right into your eyes. It appears that the eyes really do have it, for better or worse. For this reason people have been turning to eyelid surgery more and more. Compared to many other procedures it can be relatively simple and also have the greatest reward in reducing the looks of one’s age. You can choose to have either the upper or lower eyelid worked on or both. The amount of work done will determine how the recovery process goes. There are also a number of factors that can go into the recovery process. You will most certainly want to be prepared, do your research and follow your doctor’s orders.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery Made Easy

Typically, the more work you have done, the longer the recovery process. Everyone does heal differently but expect it to take a couple weeks before the swelling and bruising is gone and then possibly up to one year to see the full extent of the surgery. You will most likely have your eyes bandaged after the surgery and you will obviously want to keep changing the bandages when needed. The first week will be the worst and it will get progressively better from there on out. Don