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What Kind Of Anesthesia Is Used During Liposuction?

There are three kinds of anesthesia used during liposuction: general and local and “twilight”. With a general anesthesia you are in a completely unconscious state. With local anesthesia only the area being operated on is numbed and you could be fully awake during the procedure. With “twilight” anesthesia, a powerful sedative is introduced intravenously, putting you in a state between local and general anesthesia. You are aware and can respond to questions, but will not suffer trauma from the procedure and will benefit from the amnestic effects of the drug. The type of anesthesia used during a liposuction depends first and foremost on how intense the procedure is going to be. Then your own preference comes into play. A local anesthesia might be suitable but you may not want to be that aware during the procedure. That