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What You Should Know Before Undergoing A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a major cosmetic plastic surgery that flattens your abdomen by removing extra fat and skin while tightening muscles in your abdominal wall. When contemplating a tummy tuck, one must consider the possible drawbacks and benefits that are likely to result from having the procedure done. The procedure can provide advantages, such as the increase in self confidence of a person because of an improved appearance. However, these considerations must be considered along with the risks that accompany the procedure. It must also be noted that the surgery will leave a permanent scar on the abdomen.

How Do I Know if This Procedure Is Right for Me?

When you are considering any plastic surgery you will first want to determine whether or not you really need to have this procedure done. The people who will benefit the most from a tummy tuck procedure are those who have a large fat deposit in their abdomen or those who have excess amounts of loose skin in that area which cannot be remedied by simple exercise. The procedure will be appreciated by women who have gone through several pregnancies because their skin and muscles around the abdomen have already been stretched beyond normal.

Should I Prepare for Any Complications?

Yes, any person who is considering undergoing the procedure must first know whether he or she can take the possible complications which might arise after the operation. Complications may include infection and blood clots, although these complications rarely happen. It can take a while before the wound from the surgery will heal, depending on each patient. However, for one who is convinced that the procedure is worth taking, it might help to learn that almost any complications can often easily be remedied and prevented through the help of a qualified physician or surgeon.

How Long Will it Take Me to Recover?

Recovery after the surgery differs from person-to-person. It could be much easier and faster for those who have regularly exercised their abdominal muscles before because their muscles are strong and therefore quicker to recover. The time period to recovery ranges from two weeks to one month depending on the person. The tummy tuck will not guarantee that the excess fat or skin will stay away forever. It can come back if the patient will not regularly exercise or watch what he eats.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Having This Procedure?

When you are preparing for tummy tuck surgery you will want to consider a few factors that will optimize your abdominoplasty results and minimize your recovery time. Keeping a well-balanced diet is key to preparing for any type of surgery. Providing your body with the proper nutrients helps to strengthen your immune system, which will result in a faster recovery. Make sure that you exercise regularly and you may also want to quit smoking since smoking increases the risk of surgical complications and can result in a much slower healing time.