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A New Trend in Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures being performed today. Each year, more and more women are seeking breast enhancement as a way to boost self-confidence and improve the way they see themselves. Because of the popularity of breast augmentation procedures, the breast implant manufacturers continue to seek methods to expand the options available for implants.

The latest type of implant in today’s market is called the teardrop (or anatomic) breast implant. So named because of their shape: smaller at the top tapering down to a fuller bottom much like a teardrop. The teardrop implant is considered to be a better fit for some women, depending on their individual body type and needs.

What makes teardrop implants so exciting is their ability to fit some body types better than traditional round implants. This better fit can result in a more natural looking breast augmentation. Sometimes the round silicone and saline implants are too round and full for some women’s breasts, where the teardrop implants are shaped more like natural breast tissue.

When placed correctly, the results have been nothing short of amazing. In order to get these great results, the teardrop implants need to be placed just right. Because of the shape and textured surface, there is no room for error. This also means that the breast implants cannot be allowed to shift after the operation, which can happen, and is one of the advantages of more traditional enhancement surgery.

Because the teardrop implants are new and the positioning needs to be precise, they require a practiced hand to get the best results. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Pinsky, with experience in breast augmentation surgery can help ensure that your procedure goes smoothly.

In the quest for the perfect breast, teardrop implants could be the option of implant for your specific body needs. Schedule your consultation and learn how these new, amazing implants can help you achieve your body aesthetic goals.