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Arm Lift – Flab No More!

It’s said that all good clothing designers know that the last thing to go on a woman are her shoulders – in other words, designing showcasing bare shoulders look lovely on women of any age. However, right below those lovely shoulders can be some very questionable arms. Very few women love the look of their arms in strapless, spaghetti strap, or arm-baring clothes.

Most women already have a décolletage regimen in place, but stop short of considering the arms. And yet, a lovely upper body is so achievable, especially if you’re already have a face and neck regimen. It may seem nearly impossible to achieve a perfect hour-glass shape, but achieving a lovely “bust,” including a firm neck, chin, shoulder and upper arms, is very attainable. Considering that we are most often viewed and photographed from the chest up, you might say it’s the most important place to focus your effort.

So let’s assume you are taking care of your face and neck and need only focus on shoulders and arms. Dr. Mark Pinsky has a few surgical and non-surgical tips for helping you achieve the toned arms that can give you the confidence for strapless dresses or spaghetti straps. It’s time your Pashmina was actually needed for warmth and not for hiding flabby upper arms!

  • VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE: The best place to start with creating the arms you want is your workout routine. Varying the training you do will keep your arms from becoming complacent and unresponsive. Work the various muscle groups, at different intervals, to keep your body guessing and get the best results.
  • BE SURE TO STRETCH: Yoga and TaiChi are wonderful for stretching muscles and increasing elasticity. They are mentally soothing as well, and so doubly worth the effort.
  • SUCK IT UP: Many people find themselves with stubborn fat, despite the best diet and exercise routines. If you are working your arms with a varied workout, but still find you have excess fat, you may want to consider liposuction. While many people associate liposuction with tummy procedures, liposuction is an excellent option for removing fat from nearly every part of the body. Having liposuction to remove the excess fat that diet and exercise are not touching can help let the hard work of our exercise shine through.
  • YOU MAY HAVE TO ADD WEIGHTS TO YOUR WORKOUT: You can’t add weights to your workout without some coaching – you don’t want to damage the shoulder joint by swinging more weight than you can manage. But don’t ignore the possibility that you may have to add weights to your routine to build muscle and go lean.
  • LIFT YOUR SPIRITS (AND YOUR ARMS): Another common issue people have with their arms is loose skin. Over time, your skin can lose elasticity and begin to sag. This can also occur in people who have experienced significant weight loss. Having an arm lift surgery can remove this excess skin and reposition the remaining skin, leaving you with more slender and toned arms. This ultimately allows for the muscle work you’ve been doing to be appreciated by the world around you!

While diet and exercise are important, your body contouring goals may require more. Schedule a consultation with us at Pinsky Plastic Surgery to talk through your options and create a plan that works for you. Now is the time to do the work you’ll want to show off this Fall, whether it’s weights, stretching and slimming down, or pairing your efforts with the talents of Dr. Mark Pinsky. Plan ahead, do the work, and talk to us about achieving the look you want by Fall. See you soon!