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Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy – Getting Back Into Shape Physically and Emotionally

The month of October has been declared as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As the month ends, we would like to pay tribute to the brave women who survived breast cancer. Statistic shows that this disease affects millions of women all over the globe. When left untreated, this disease can have fatal consequences. However, early diagnosis and proper treatment can greatly improve chances of recovery.

Breast cancer is a devastating disease and most women are forced to undergo mastectomy to fight off this monster. A lot of women who survived this ailment often suffer physical disfigurement. Fortunately, breast reconstruction procedures can correct the effects of mastectomy and help a breast cancer survivor heal both physically and emotionally.

Benefit of Breast Reconstruction

Going through mastectomy is a very emotional experience for most women. Most women feel devastated with the idea of having their entire breasts removed to fight off breast cancer. The idea of breast reconstruction after mastectomy often helps women make up their minds to go through mastectomy. Christina Applegate and Cynthia Nixon were diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back and according to these girls, going through mastectomy was easier because they knew what breast reconstruction surgery can do for them.

A successful breast reconstruction procedure can help restore the fullness of the boobs so breast cancer survivors do not have to live with physical disfigurement. If you are one of those women who are fighting breast cancer, be brave and do not hesitate to undergo mastectomy if your doctor recommends this procedure. You can beat this monster disease and you can have a normal life after you go through mastectomy.

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