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Choosing A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the Palm Beach Area

Choosing a medical professional for any kind of care can be a challenge particularly when it comes to finding the right doctor for cosmetic surgery in the sunny Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale area. Choosing a doctor for your plastic surgery is even more complicated than the average medical professional and there are many things to consider when you start your search.

The easiest thing (and one of the most important) to find out is if your plastic surgery professional is board certified. Cosmetic surgery procedures can be very specific and you want to make sure your Palm Beach surgeon has taken the time to specialize in the kinds of procedures you’re looking for. If you go to your general practitioner and they recommend a specialist such as a podiatrist or chiropractor you go! When considering your plastic surgery professional you want the same kind of specialized doctor. Board certification tells you immediately that your doctor is a true professional, highly trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery procedures.

Secondly, you want your plastic surgeon to be open to a dialogue about your plastic surgery. When you schedule a consultation, you want to feel comfortable in asking questions regarding the procedures you’re considering and the results you’re looking for. A doctor who simply agrees with everything you’re saying without discussing the variables does not have your best interests in mind. On the flip side, a doctor who is rigid and tries to tell you exactly “what you need” isn’t considering you either. Communication with your cosmetic surgery professional should be a balanced give and take and you should walk away feeling informed and comfortable about your upcoming procedure.

Lastly, do a little research. If you search the internet or ask friends who have had cosmetic work done about their experiences with different Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale plastic surgery practitioners you’ll likely get very candid, honest opinions about their work as well as their bedside manner. Word of mouth is a powerful influence on us all.

Dr. Pinsky has been practicing cosmetic surgery for many years. He is board certified and ready to answer any questions you may have about the procedure you’ve been thinking about getting. Schedule a consult today!