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Choosing The Right Size for Your Breast Augmentation

In the sunshine state, there are many things to consider before moving forward with your breast augmentation surgery. While looking great in that two piece bathing suit might seem like the biggest thing. You’ve got a few things to consider prior to putting that suit on.

The biggest thing women debate is what size is the right size for their breast augmentation. This can be a difficult decision. Cosmetic surgeons do not measure breast implants in cup size. While this measurement can help guide the process of your breast augmentation, it is only a jumping off point. To get an idea of how big you may want to go try the rice test. Filling a small stocking with rice and placing it in your brazier will give you a feeling of not only the size and shape of the breast you are considering, but the weight and how they fit on your body. Try wearing these “new breasts” for a day or two. You’ll quickly learn if the size is too big, too small, and how the new weight of the breast may affect things such as your back.

The next thing you may want to do is to do some research. Knowing some of the pros and cons of silicone vs. saline implants and different implant approaches will better help guide you when you do schedule a meeting with your South Florida plastic surgeon. It is best to have as much information going in as you can!

Finally, ask around. Finding the best plastic surgeon in South Florida can be tricky. You’ll want a board certified surgeon with proven results such as Dr. Pinsky. Bring your list of questions to your consultation and share open and honestly with your doctor and you’ll have a higher chance of success not only with your surgery, but being happy with the choice your made to get your breast augmentation procedure done!