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Coolsculpting: The Latest in Non-Invasive Fat Removal

As more and more people strive to get healthy, they continue to look for their next ally in the battle against the bulge. Despite the best diet and exercise routine, some people are left with areas of fat that just will not go away.

With so many people leading such busy lives, surgical treatments just aren’t practical for everyone. The downtime associated with a surgical treatment like liposuction, simply cannot fit into some people’s schedules. Fortunately, there is a solution to those troublesome fat deposits that is completely non-invasive and has shown spectacular results.

Pinsky Plastic Surgery now offers Coolsculpting® to their patients. Coolsculpting® is a new, non-invasive fat removal approach to slim those areas of fat that diet and exercise cannot target. With Coolsculpting®, people can achieve the slender figure they have worked so hard to achieve, without the need for a surgical procedure.

Developed by Harvard scientists, Coolsculpting® works by freezing fat cells beneath the skin, inducing the body to absorb them on their own. This allows patients to rid themselves of the love handles with just a few simple treatments. Coolsculpting only targets the fat you want. Unlike surgery, Coolsculpting® takes only an hour per treatment and you can get right back to your daily life without any interruptions or healing time. By spending just a few lunch hours at Pinsky Plastic Surgery, you can be rid of those fatty deposits forever!

After the first visit, patients report seeing some minor changes, but because your body requires time to absorb the broken down fat cells, the real results show fully between one and three months later. Once your body has had time to process the fat and absorb it, the new, more slender body can shine through.

Coolsculpting® is not a weight loss tool. This approach to body sculpting is intended for people of otherwise normal weight who are struggling with targeted body fat that diet and exercise will no remove.

If you have trouble areas, but thought surgery was the only answer; think again! Schedule a consultation at Pinsky Plastic Surgery to learn more about Coolsculpting® and how it can help you today.