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Cosmetic Surgery is More than Skin Deep

The idea that plastic surgery can improve a person’s outer appearance is obvious. After all, cosmetic surgery is often used to reshape a person’s body to meet their aesthetic goals. Despite plastic surgery treating the physical traits that people may not like about themselves, cosmetic procedures are more than skin deep.

For many people seeking plastic surgery, the change to their physical appearance is about how they feel about themselves, as much as it is about the way they look. Having cosmetic surgery can have psychological benefits in addition to the physical. The most popular cosmetic procedures boast a variety of confidence boosting, self-esteem generating results.

Breast Augmentation/Reduction/Lift

Many women associate their breasts with feeling sexy and feminine. When a woman is unhappy with her breasts, she can feel unhappy with herself. Women whose breasts are abnormally large, especially at a young age, can lack confidence due to teasing or feel abnormal because of their inability to find clothes that fit properly. Women who consider their breasts to be too small are also self conscious. Many women seeking breast augmentation feel less attractive, due to their small breasts. Finding a size of breast that properly fits a woman’s body can boost self-confidence and increase their sexual desire, as they feel more attractive.

As women age and bear children, breasts can go through changes, such as a loss of fullness and sagging, that can also attribute to feelings of inadequacy. A breast lift, which is often coupled with a breast augmentation, can restore the breasts to a younger looking appearance, and restore a woman’s self-esteem that may have lessened as a result of poor body self-image.

Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck

For those who have experienced a significant weight loss, losing the weight can be only half the battle. Being left with loose, sagging skin can be a constant reminder of the past. By having cosmetic surgery to treat the loose skin, particularly in the midsection, the weight loss journey can feel complete.
Devoting time to the raising of a family can leave little time for mothers to spend on themselves. Tummy tuck procedures and “Mommy Makeovers” are popular because they remind women of who they were before being mothers, remind them of the beautiful woman they are,and help them gain the confidence they once had. Feeling sexy and attractive can improve one’s attitude toward themselves and others.

Scars and Disfigurement

Not all plastic surgery procedures are about changing one’s body; some procedures are restorative procedures. Scarring or disfigurement due to previous surgery or trauma can have a detrimental effect on a person’s psyche. By consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon about how to improve such scars, a person can regain the confidence they once had. A boost in confidence can improve one’s quality of life both personally and professionally.

Regardless of the cosmetic treatment, the joy people feel once they have had a successful treatment is undeniable. Plastic surgery is more than an elective surgical procedure, and when done for the right reasons it is an investment in one’s self-confidence!

If you or a loved one have had issues with confidence based on your body image, plastic surgery might be right for you. Scheduling a consultation to learn more about the various procedures and what they can do for you, does not commit you to a procedure. However,it could give you the peace of mind you need to be able to make big changes, not only physically but mentally!