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Defying Age Conventions – Demi Moore Looks Younger at 47!

In a society that is obsessed with young and beautiful people, growing old can be stressful. Fortunately, there are ways to look young and beautiful even if you are already in your late 40s or even early 50s. Take Demi Moore for instance, she is already 47 but she can easily pass as a 30 year old. The best part of it is that at that ripe age, she is still one of the most beautiful and youthful looking big stars in Hollywood. How did she manage to stay young despite her advancing years?

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Skin Care

According to Demi, she uses only fragrance-free skin products and she uses a lot of moisturizer to keep her skin supple. She makes it a point to always clean and moisturize her face every night before going to bed.


Despite her busy schedule, Demi always finds time to do Yoga exercises every week. She also does some brisk walking whenever she can.


Staying fit and healthy is one of Demi’s obsessions so she makes it a point to eat a balanced diet. She is into low sodium, low sugar diet and she does not drink alcoholic beverages.

Aside from skin care, diet and exercise, Demi also dabbles in cosmetic surgery. In an interview with British Elle late last year, Demi admitted having “done something” to her body. She did not elaborate on what she had “done” to her body but rumors have it that she spent more $200,000 on plastic surgery. Needless to say, she looks fabulous!

~Pinsky Plastic Surgery Staff