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Differences in Breast Surgeries

For many people considering plastic surgery, there can be some confusion about the differences between a breast lift procedure and breast augmentation. It is common for patients to confuse the benefits of these procedures. Many women begin their plastic surgery consultation thinking they want or need one breast surgery procedure only to find out the other option is more appropriate for their personal goals.

Breast lift surgery is often ideal for women with sagging breasts – a common condition as people age. Skin and ligaments lose elasticity as a part of the aging process, a process referred to as ptosis (pronounced “TO-sis”). Frequently, women also experience a loss of volume in their breasts as part of aging. Breast lift surgery removes excess skin and places the breasts in a higher position, giving them a perkier, more youthful appearance.

Age is not the only factor contributing to pendulous breasts. Pregnancy can cause a woman’s breasts to go through many changes as well. Women with children often find that their breasts do not return to their pre-pregnancy state. Breast lift procedures are often a great way to help mothers with their breast restoration as well.

Unlike breast augmentation, breast lift surgery does not change the size of a woman’s breasts. If you were a C-cup going into your breast lift surgery, you will be a C-cup after your procedure as well. Breast lift surgery reshapes the breasts, but does not enhance them. Areolas (the pink or dark area around the nipples) that are too large or are misshapen can also be surgically enhanced as part of a breast lift surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is used to increase the size of the breasts. Implants are used to add volume to smaller breasts and give them more fullness. Breast augmentation surgery is consistently one of the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures in America, and new advances in breast implant options are providing great results for women. Certain implants can even give women with slight to moderate ptosis the appearance of a breast lift – this can be an option with shaped, gel, or form-stable silicone implants like the new “gummy bear” implant.

While both surgeries provide different benefits to the patients who seek them out, they both target very specific aesthetic goals. Fortunately, women who seek to both lift and enhance their breasts can have both procedures performed at the same time for the best possible results.

Breast surgeries continue to be very popular among women. Understanding the differences between breast lift surgery and a breast augmentation procedure plastic surgeon, Mark Pinsky, MD. He believes that an educated patient is often more satisfied with their cosmetic surgery since goals and results are well-understood and closely aligned. Research is recommended, but keep your mind open and ask lots of questions at the consultation so you fully understand all your options.

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