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do you use drains for male breast reduction?

hello my name is Ryan and I am looking for a doctor for male breast reduction. I live in the gardens area. Many doctors have not replied to me. I am set on having the procedure done but i just want to find a doctor that i am comfortable with.During my consultation will I be able to see more before and after photos of both the doctors work? there is only one on the website for gynocomastia. I am quite nervous not ever having plastic surgery before. i am on skinnier side and can tell my breasts are more glandular. If pictures are required that is no problem. From my research I have found the cost to be anywhere from 3000-6000. would this be correct? I understand that each person is differant and cost depends on how much work is done. For now the best way to communicate with me is through the email above. Thank you for reading and it would be great to have finally found the doctor thats best for me-Ryan age 21