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How to Evaluate Your Cosmetic Surgeon

There is plenty of talk about doing your research before any cosmetic surgery procedure. Being prepared prior to having a plastic surgery operation will ensure the best possible understanding of the process and satisfaction with the results. Even before committing to have a procedure, there are things one should do to prepare, and some red flags to avoid.

In prior blog posts there have been discussions about the importance of finding a board-certified plastic surgeon. This simple bit of information can tell you a lot about a particular doctor and their practice – but you should still be weary of a doctor or practice who claims to be the only person who offers a certain procedure. No one can make this claim and in fact, making such a statement can draw the ire of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (the leading board certification organization for plastic surgeons in country). Many doctors may choose to specialize in certain procedures but you always have more than one option for your cosmetic procedure.

Check a surgeon portfolio of work prior to scheduling a consultation. Many doctors have these galleries online and readily available. A doctor can speak at length to their quality of work but as the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you do not like the results you are seeing from their “before and after” gallery, you will more than likely not be happy the end results from your cosmetic procedure. Ask to speak with patients who have undergone the procedure. They will have added insight that will be beneficial.

One of the most commonly overlooked questions is about anesthesia. Each cosmetic procedure has different anesthetic requirements. Asking a doctor about the anesthetic process for the procedure you’re considering, and about the location in which the procedure will take place, can give you a sense of the kind of organization you are dealing. The best doctors work closely with the respected hospitals and have plans in place in the event of complications. Ask to take a tour of the facility and see for yourself the conditions of the facility and judge for yourself.

This same approach can be used in a surgeon’s office as well. How much care do they take in presenting themselves to the public? These kinds of subtle office clues can be red flags for a potential client. Plastic surgeons are highly skilled professionals who use only the best materials and tools when providing cosmetic treatment to their clients. A doctor or clinic that offers surgical procedures at half the price of others begs the question: where are they cutting their costs? This is not the type of service on which you necessarily want to bargain shop.

Lastly, you have choices. You do not have to commit yourself to the first plastic surgeon you meet if it doesn’t feel like exactly the right fit for you. Find the surgeon with whom you feel comfortable – you are in it together. You only have one body, make sure you trust it to the best.

At Pinsky Plastic Surgery, we understand the need to provide the best care as well as deliver the best possible results. Your cosmetic procedure is about you and your goals and we are here to help. By providing tips such as the ones outlined above, we hope to take the mystery out of plastic surgery for our patients today and the ones we meet tomorrow.