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FDA Affirms that Silicone Gel Breast Implants Are Safe

A recent study published by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirms that silicone gel breast implants are safe and there is not truth to the rumors that these implants can cause cancer and other health ailments. Yes, leaking implants may cause some discomforts but it cannot cause cancer. As it is, breast cancer survivors can safely have silicone implants to regain the shape and fullness of their breast after undergoing mastectomy.

Basic facts

Most types of silicone gel implants are wrapped in 3 layer shells for maximum protection. Unlike the saline breast implants which need to be filled after being inserted into the breast, silicone gel are pre-filled so they are firmer than saline implants and are more likely stay in shape. The gummy bear type breast implants are especially known to keep breasts firm and shapely. The downside here is that since silicone gel implants are pre-filled it cannot be inserted be inserted into the breast through TUBA incision.

What to do when silicone gel implants rupture

Most women do not feel anything when their silicone breast implants start to leak so the FDA recommends that women who have breast implants undergo routine MRI every two years. If the MRI scan shows that the breast implants are leaking or ruptured, the implants should be surgically removed. New implants can be inserted into the breasts after removing the old ones.

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