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Give Back to Yourself with Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve been thinking about your looks (and who doesn’t?), maybe it’s time to stop thinking about trying a different cream and start planning for a real perk-me-up . . . a cosmetic surgery procedure.

It can be so easy to prioritize everything else, thinking that the time “for me” is just around the corner, at the end of the next crisis, or after the next holiday. In reality, the time for you is now. There are so many ways to care for you – don’t limit yourself to a spa day when many women are indulging in a “procedure day.” Most aesthetic surgeries are outpatient procedures, allowing you to sleep in your own bed that night. Dr. Mark Pinsky has some wonderful suggestions for a few ways you can celebrate you:

  • Come into Pinsky Plastic Surgery for a CoolSculpting® appointment and freeze away those pesky fatty deposits in your problem areas.
  • Get a facial and/or a massage. Your skin is the largest organ in your body – giving it a little TLC not only feels wonderful but provides a healthy cosmetic treatment from the Med Spa that can pay long-term dividends.
  • Give BOTOX® Cosmetic a try with the help of our “rejuvenation artists”, and experience for yourself the amazing results possible from this quick and affordable facial rejuvenation technique.
  • Treat “the girls” to a lift (you know what we mean!). Maybe you’ve always dreamed of breast implants or a breast lift; there’s no time like the present.

Pinsky Plastic Surgery would love to help you take care of yourself with a little “me time.” Taking the time to appreciate one’s self can make you feel refreshed, transformed, and boost your self-confidence – which can give you the energy and drive to keep supporting the world around you. Schedule a consultation today and explore the many options that Pinsky Plastic Surgery have available for your personal care and celebration!