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Is Exercise Making You Look Older?

The benefits of exercise go far beyond toning and weight loss. Did you know exercise is one of the best things you can do for your brain? From improvements in learning and memory to boost in mood, exercise keeps you sharp and healthy.

For the Love of Endorphins

Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress. It causes the release of “feel good”; chemicals like norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, which can actually reduce stress at a cellular level. Exercise can even lift depression. It also tends to increase body confidence and improve self-image, with a side of happiness.

With all these fabulous benefits, could there be a downside to exercise? The truth is, exercise could also possibly be making you look older. Exercise can keep Alzheimer’s at bay and keep your body young, despite biological age. However, there are some things about exercise that could add years to your appearance.

Sun exposure

Dry, damaged skin is far from being youthful skin. Those who participate in a lot of outdoor activities can suffer damage from the elements. Wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration soon replace that once vibrant glow. So what is one to do? Sunscreen, lotions, and potions may not be enough to reverse the damage if it is already done.

Fortunately, modern science has supplied us with wonderful rejuvenating treatments through processes such as chemical peels and Botox. These treatments tone and revive skin, giving you your glow back.

Cell Damage

The increase in oxygen from strenuous activities, like running, can cause free radical damage. Exercise typically has to be pretty intense for this to happen, but wrinkled and sagging skin can occur in marathon runners and others who train harder than average. Peels and Botox can also be of assistance here, along with other options like plastic surgery.

High Impact and Drooping Breasts

For the hard working ladies out there, exercise can also take its toll on the breasts. Jumping, bouncing and anything high impact may stretch out the sensitive ligaments, causing sagging. A breast lift may be in order to reverse the damage. If you aren’t quite ready for that, make sure you wear a well-fitting and supportive sports bra.

The benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks. With some smart prevention and fabulous cosmetic treatments, you can keep your youthful look while reaping all the amazing advantages that a good workout provides.