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Make this your Best Looking Summer with Cosmetic Surgery

Summer is officially here – and that means it’s officially swimsuit season (yikes!). The good news? It’s not too late, even if you need a tiny bit of cosmetic surgery. Don’t think that you have to choose between “bikini or bust” – maybe you just want a flatter tummy in that one-piece, or a derriere that doesn’t droop. Whatever you need to give you confidence in your summer clothes, you still have time!

Many cosmetic procedures require only a few weeks to be at your best. Liposuction can help you shed those last stubborn pounds to achieve a sleek, toned figure. While breast augmentation surgery can add a little “va-va-voom” to your bathing suit top! Scheduling a consultation with Pinsky Plastic Surgery now, will have you at your best this summer.

Taking steps to boost your metabolism can help you shed pounds as well. Even the most active people can increase their metabolism. Try eating your meals just before or right after a workout. This will allow your body to burn off the calories you take in at a higher rate, either during your workout or right after the cool down period. Not only will you be getting healthier, but the added weight loss and toning will have you looking your best.

Summer is when most of us show off a little more skin, so boosting your skin care regimen can ensure that your skin is also looking its best. Needless to say, with the increased sun exposure, sun screen is a must. Choose a product with a moisturizer to give your skin a little extra love. You may also want to consider cosmetic skin treatments, such as a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, to help remove damaged skin and allow for the healthy layers of skin beneath to shine through. Your skin will look smoother, softer and more evenly toned.

While the temperatures may already be topping eighty degrees, there’s still time to get summer ready. Get the most out of your summer, and make an appointment with us at Pinsky Plastic Surgery.