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New Lip Enhancement Pump: Is It Worth It?

The new lip enhancement pump by CandyLipz has just hit the market. For those seeking fuller lips, this may seem like an easy “DIY” solution to get the results you have been looking for. After all, the product is designed to give you fuller lips at home, without the need for injections or other procedures. However, like other alternatives, this home beauty product has both positive benefits and drawbacks when compared with more traditional options. Taking a closer look at lip enhancement is the first step to deciding whether this product is right for your personal beauty routine.

How It Works

The lip enhancement pump works by increasing circulation to the lips using a small suction device that fits over the lips. To see results, you will need to use the product for about two minutes a day for two weeks. You will also need to use the lip enhancement pump on a regular basis to maintain the look of full lips. Some people have slight bruising during the first few days of using the pump. Most women using the pump to achieve fuller lips will need to use the device once every one to two hours to maintain the look.

While the lip enhancement pump is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that you will not need to have any injections or incisions for the device to work, the pump does need to be used hourly for at least several weeks to see results that last more than a couple of hours. Some women do report longer lasting results after using the lip enhancement pump on a regular basis over the course of several months, with the longest results lasting up to four hours after consistent use every two hours during the first weeks of using the device.

How It Compares

Lip injections and other lip enhancement procedures offered by a medical professional can last more than three months. Deciding which option is right for you is important when determining whether the lip enhancement pump is worth the investment. An injection-based procedure can provide fuller lips for three to six months, while the lip enhancement pump provides results for 60 minutes.

Other procedures, such as lip injections, offer fuller lips that require little or no maintenance. If you prefer lower maintenance or have little time to spare during the day, but you want fuller lips, then opting for a traditional lip enhancement method may be the best choice for you.