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New Silicone Gel Minimizes Scarring After Surgery

While plastic surgeons go to great lengths to develop their craft, learn new techniques, and earn the proper certifications, they are factors that affect healing that are difficult to predict, and not always easily controlled with good surgical technique. While many steps can be taken to ensure that the healing process goes smoothly, the quality of scars also depends on the individual and their genetics.

Plastic surgeons have now have another tool in the healing process after cosmetic procedures. The FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) has just approved a new topical silicone gel that is mixed with a topical steroid. Since most surgical procedures produce some kind of scar tissue, this is certainly great news, and may be something available widely in the near future.

Patients who seek out cosmetic surgery procedures are looking to correct or enhance a feature such as their breasts, face, or abdomen. The last thing they want to do is display unsightly scars as a result of a procedure. While cosmetic surgeons have become increasingly good at hiding scars by strategically placing incisions in unseen locations, the addition of this topical solution can even further reduce the appearance, and improve the quality of the scar.

How a patient’s skin will react to surgery is unknown until the procedure is completed. Each individual’s own genes will contribute to the scars that result from surgery. Avoiding sun exposure, smoking, and alcohol during the recovery process can lessen the chances of scarring. For those people who are predisposed to scarring, this new topical solution may be able to provide an extra boost to the skin, making scars less visible. Although this newly approved solution to cosmetic surgery scarring is not yet widely, the mere addition of this product to the field is an exciting development for both plastic surgeons and patients alike.

The best way to ensure quality results from your cosmetic surgery procedure is to trust your care to a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Pinsky. By having steady, experienced hands to perform your surgery, and by following all recommendations for recovery to the letter, you can ensure the best possible results for yourself.

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