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Nose Surgery – The Nose Knows

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures, the face is one of the most popular areas for aesthetic transformations. Near the top of the facial procedure list is rhinoplasty, more informally known as a “nose job.” New noses appeal to both men and women and continue to rank among the most popular plastic surgery procedures over the last several years.

Rhinoplasty can dramatically impact a person’s appearance, especially for those with a nose they feel is too: long, big, crooked, or too up-turned. While some may pursue surgery to get that perfect strong (men) or perky (women) nose, others are looking to change the contours of a nose that has made them feel self-conscious their whole lives. And then there are those who have trouble breathing, either from a deviated septum or some other functional irregularity. Dr. Mark Pinsky has successfully performed rhinoplasty for many patients and has helped people improve a number of nasal issues, from making breathing easier to beautifully enhancing the appearance of the nose. See below for more details on what the nose knows:

  • IMPROVED APPEARANCE: One of the biggest reasons patients seek out nose surgery procedures is to improve appearance. Reshaping the face’s most prominent feature can create a more balanced look and improve the appearance of the entire face, both full-on and in profile. VECTRA® and Mirror™ software at Pinsky Plastic Surgery lets patients see a computer-generated image of the potential results of their “new” nose, helping them choose the shape that best fits their facial structure and aesthetic goals.
  • IMPROVED HEALTH: Rhinoplasty surgery can be more than an aesthetic procedure – it can actually improve a patient’s overall health as well. A nose job can open narrow nasal passages, allowing for better breathing and improved sleep, which can enhance one’s appearance, cognition, and overall health. Rhinoplasty can also correct some physical flaws and birth defects.
  • IMPROVED SELF-ESTEEM: One of the biggest benefits of any plastic surgery procedure or cosmetic treatment is the boost to one’s self-image. Sometimes, even the slightest change can give an individual renewed confidence, composure, and self-esteem.

Regardless of the reasons for rhinoplasty, the benefits can make the procedure well worth it. By choosing Pinsky Plastic Surgery, you can be confident of the best possible results. Dr. Pinsky’s years of experience, coupled with an eye for aesthetic beauty, make Pinsky Plastic Surgery one of the top choices for cosmetic treatments. Not only does Dr. Pinsky have the talent, he understands the patient experience and designed the office for confidentiality, with a separate smaller waiting room for those recovering from facial surgery who do not wish to go through the main entrance or wait in the lobby.

If you have considered improving the appearance of your nose, then it may be a great time to take action. Get ready for the holiday season now so your photos will feature a new nose and a smile on your face!