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Pippa Middleton inspires new trend in plastic surgery

When Pippa Middleton, Princess Kate’s younger sibling, appeared on her sister’s wedding, the world went wild with interest over her dress, her looks and yes, her butt! Yes, Pippa’s sexy well-formed bottom caught the interest of a lot of people that a facebook group dedicated to her “gorgeous rear” popped up and gained avid following. While some people raved on facebook about Pippa’s butt, some went further by getting the now famous “Pippa butt lift”.

Getting the “Pippa butt lift”

Over the past few months, Pippa’s backside inspired a lot of women to go under the knife to enhance their butt. During an interview with Good Morning America, Christina Valdez from Florida explained that when she saw Pippa during the Royal Wedding, she was so fascinated with her butt that she decided to have a butt lift procedure. The 28 year old single mother said that she was not able to sit for a few days after the surgery but when the incisions healed and the swelling subsided, she was elated to see the results.

Can anyone have a butt lift?

Although not everyone can look as lovely as Pippa Middleton, most people who are generally healthy can have butt lift procedures to enhance their backside. No, there is no age limit when it comes to butt lift procedures so even if you are more 65 years you can still tighten your backside and reduce if not totally eliminate any signs of sagging due to age or drastic weight loss through this procedure.

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