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Plastic Surgery for the Right Reasons

For many Americans, plastic surgery has become an important part of their lives. Cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures as part of a beauty regimen has become a mainstream option for millions. However, despite increasing popularity, there are still many misconceptions about what plastic surgery can and cannot do. Aligning expectations and realistic results is critical to ensuring the right patients receive the right procedures for the right reasons.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the idea of a complete transformation. Plastic surgery can certainly offer amazing results and can help improve areas of your body in ways you may never have imagined, but transformation is only for sci-fi movies – not real life. While correcting the nose or enhancing the size of the breasts can make an individual feel more attractive and boost self-esteem, these procedures will not change who that person is. Plastic surgery is about personal enhancement, improving your appearance – not completely changing who you are!

And don’t forget that open communication is key. Communication with plastic surgeon Mark Pinsky, MD is vital to achieving the results you desire. Be very open and honest in your consultation. While his expertise will help educate you about what you can generally expect from certain procedures, it’s important that you ask any question that may be on your mind regarding aspects of treatment, and that you are forthcoming about your expectations. Some women will say they want a “natural” look – when they really want “va-va-voom!” The right answer is always the truthful answer; trust Dr. Pinsky to help you understand your options and choices. When you are open about exactly what you want from your plastic surgery experience, you are much more likely to be satisfied with the end results.

Gaining a thorough understanding of your cosmetic procedure is another great way to quiet any misconceptions. A consultation with Dr. Pinsky is often the best way to do this, but we suggest you also take a little extra time and do some research. For example, you may want a breast lift surgery to add volume to your breasts, only to find that a breast augmentation procedure is more appropriate to achieve this goal. Understanding the process, results, and limitations of a procedure will allow you to adjust your expectations accordingly or explore other options to better meet your needs.

Understanding and research are also helpful for patients undergoing plastic surgery for breast reconstruction. You might think there’s no time for choices, but talk with us – you may be surprised at your options for reconstruction of natural-looking breasts.

Plastic surgery is more popular than ever, but it’s still surgery, and not to be undertaken without thought, consultation, some research, and a strong belief that you’ve made the best choice possible.