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Popular Cosmetic Procedures to Age Graceful and Distinguished

Back “in the day” plastic surgery was a tool for the rich and famous to fight back the appearance of age. Today, surgical procedures and non-invasive cosmetic treatments has become an accepted option for anyone wishing to maintain a more youthful, rested appearance.

While options and acceptance may be advancing, it seems like some things never change – like gender perceptions related to aging. According to a survey by Allure Magazine, women are still thought to age “gracefully” and men are still thought to become more “distinguished” with age.

When it comes to aging, 91% of women polled feel like they have it harder than their male counterparts. And men agree! In fact, 84% of men agree that aging is harder for women. That’s not so bad if you’re a man, but what if you are a woman and you don’t want to age gracefully? What if you want to look younger than your age? Have the softest smoothest skin among your group of friends? Or maybe you’d rather continue wearing jeans rather than slacks with “comfort waist bands”?

Dr. Mark Pinsky offers a variety of anti-aging options from surface peels and laser re-surfacing to CoolSculpting® or liposuction and tummy tucks. When it comes to surgical options almost anything can be “lifted” – eyelids, the face, neck, forehead and brow are popular among both men and women. Now with CoolSculpting® we can contour your bulges, muffin-tops and love-handles with no surgery and no down-time. And don’t forget injections to smooth away lines and fill in facial grooves. But don’t be fooled – even with non-surgical treatments location still matters! The skill, experience and talented hands at Pinsky Plastic Surgery are still your best option for delivering on your goal of looking fantastic as long as possible.

While no one wants to see the effects of aging, new options and treatments can help you preserve a little mystery around your true age – let everyone think you are the younger one in the group.