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Put Your Fate into the Palms of Dr. Pinsky

Plastic surgery has seen significant growth in popularity over the past few decades. From its start as a technique used to help soldiers injured during wartime, it has become an accepted tool in boosting self-image and improving lives. New ways to use cosmetic surgery to enhance life are being developed all over the world.

Using Plastic Surgery To Change Your Future

The art of palm reading has a long history in the country of Japan. People have their palms read to determine their future wealth, marriage prospects and happiness. Not content with letting nature write their futures, many Japanese are having plastic surgery to add or extend lines on their palms to increase their odds of success in life. The surgery is done with an electric scalpel to closely duplicate the natural lines in the palm. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes and heals within a month, leaving the patient with a visible record of their likelihood for a successful future. While it may or may not change their lives, many in Japan believe the surgery creates a powerful incentive for making the most of their prospects and increases confidence.

Though palm surgery may seem like a radical method for increasing success, the power of changing outside appearance to help alter inside motivation is generally accepted. Sometimes, the most minor of changes can alter perceptions. For instance, studies show that women who use cosmetics are likely to be perceived as more attractive, nicer and more competent than those who do not wear makeup. We all use our sense of vision to gain information about the world around us, while engaging our experience to make decisions about what we see.

Plastic Surgery Changes Lives

The instinctive understanding of the impact of visual images on the human mind is what causes both men and women to seek cosmetic surgery, including nose jobs, chin lifts, Botox treatments for wrinkles, liposuction, breast enhancements, and other techniques to improve appearance. Many additional procedures are available for those affected by illness or injury. These procedures can help people resume their lives after catastrophic health problems. Whether it’s a cosmetic blepharoplasty for “tired eyes”, revision of a visible scar, or breast reconstruction after cancer – putting your fate into the hands of a plastic surgeon can often be a way to chart a new and better course for yourself.

Breast reconstruction is one of the most significant ways to demonstrate the power of self-image and the value of cosmetic surgery. Women fighting breast cancer can find themselves facing disfiguring surgeries that profoundly affect their self image and self-confidence. Reconstructive surgery helps to restore their sense of “wholeness”, womanliness and confidence, giving them a needed boost as they work to return their lives to normal.

Since its beginnings as a medical specialty, plastic surgery has changed attitudes and lives giving people the option to simply change their life-line or dramatically change their lives.