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Sculpted Legs with Liposuction

Fall is right around the corner. Gone are the hot sunny days, and the mini-skirts will soon be traded for longer, less revealing skirts.

Or are they?

Since Angelina Jolie flashed her legs in a high slit skirt at the Oscars the fashion world is ripe with exposed legs. As a result, more and more women are looking at the best ways to shape and sculpt their legs and thighs.

While diet and exercise are the best options for managing one’s figure overall, there are some spots that are more resistant than others. In women, the upper thighs are such an area. Even thin women can find themselves unsatisfied with “saddlebags”. By nature women tend to carry and store extra weight in their thighs and hips. This makes these areas more exercise resistant. As a result more and more women are turning to a cosmetic surgery to help achieve the legs of which they have always dreamed.

Microliposuction has been successful in treating these trouble areas on women. Microliposuction is very much like an ordinary liposuction procedure with the exception that smaller cannulas are used in the procedure shortening the down time associated with a similar procedure. Unlike beauty products that may help hide the flaws of one’s legs and can amount to a significant cost over time, liposuction is most often a perfect solution to the “saddlebag” problem.

The procedure is most successful for appropriate patients. There are many different techniques that can be utilized to achieve the desired body aesthetic results. The best way to find out which is right for you is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Pinsky. He is happy to discuss your goals for your cosmetic procedure and will help guide you to the best possible course of action.

If you are one of the countless women who cannot seem to get over the hurdle when it comes to shaping your body naturally, you are not alone. Dr. Pinsky can help. Don’t just dream of the body you long to have, schedule your consultation to the right of this article and get on the road to the you that you’ve always dreamed of!