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Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results
Widely Known for Personalized Care & Amazing Results

When there’s work that is perfect, Dr. Pinsky is always behind it.

Dear Dr. Pinsky,

Now that I’m just 2 days out from my surgery, I have managed to go from the category of “nervous beyond belief” to a “nervous wreck”- which is a HUGE downgrade of nerves/fright in my world-and it’s all because of your reputation.

I was told 2 things about you this week that were completely unsolicited and unexpected. During my ultrasound on Friday, the woman at my OBGYN’s office asked if the same surgeon who did my breast reduction was doing the lipo of my bilateral breasts. I told her no, and that it would be you. He response was, “Oh, thank goodness. You picked the best surgeon there is. I see breasts all day long and when there’s work that is perfect, Dr. Pinsky is always behind it. “ She went to say, “When a woman has problems, like you do, Dr. Pinsky is never responsible. His work is stellar and you’ll be happy.” Wow!

Then, during my pre-op at the hospital yesterday, one of the nurses asked who did my reduction. When I told her she said, “Yeah, I figured it wasn’t Dr. Pinsky. If it had been,  you wouldn’t be needing more work-it would  have been perfect the first time.”

While my best friend, is one of your patients and has raved about you for years, it was so reassuring to hear the same kind of comments from complete strangers.

With that said, please sleep like a baby Wednesday night and I’ll see you Thursday morning.

Thank you for being so wonderful at what you do.

Optimistic and eager to be normal

– Patient

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