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Benefits Of Having Botox

The compound at the heart of a Botox® injection treatment is botulinum toxin type A. In its pure form this is a poison. But in the small diluted form used by trained cosmetic surgeons, Botox® serves as a muscle relaxant. At least that is how it was utilized in the first application. Over time, physicians soon discovered other benefits of Botox®. Most notable is the ability of Botox® to reduce the signs of aging around the face area of anyone from 18 to 65. This has become a popular, safe and fast treatment that hundreds of men and women are turning to every day as a way of improving their appearance.

Botox and Aging

You can never truly stop the aging process but with the advances in cosmetic surgery the outward appearance of aging can certainly be slowed down and, on some level, possibly even reversed. Botox® injections are administered directly into the wrinkles, frown lines, brow lines and crow