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Botox Skin Care Post-operation

If you have decided to undergo Botox® treatments then you are joining thousands of men and women from around the world who have decided to take advantage of this revolutionary skin treatment. For over twenty years, Botox® injections have been providing people of all ages with a stress-free alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Make no mistake; the only way you should consider undergoing Botox® treatment is with an experienced plastic surgeon. Not only will that surgeon be able to guide you through the procedure but he will also provide the necessary information for your Botox® skin care post-operative treatment.

Why Botox?

One of the reasons that Botox® is such a popular treatment is the ease with which the Botox® serum is delivered. Micro needles are used to inject Botox® into the target areas of your face and neck that you desire to smooth out to gain a more youthful appearance. Part of the Botox skin care post-operative procedure is to let these needle marks close and heal by themselves. There will be no need for bandages because these are tiny holes. There should also be no reason why you wouldn’t be able to resume normal activities right away.

Post-Op Treatments with Botox®

However there are a few conditions for Botox® skin care post-operation treatments that you should be made aware of. You will be encouraged not to massage your face for at least twelve hours after the injections. And massage would include poking or rubbing to access the treatment. By the same token, you will be asked to refrain from lying down or bending over for at least three hours after the injections. This is to insure that the Botox® can adhere to the muscles at the injection site and not move around.

There may be occasions of swelling, bruising or soreness associated with Botox® treatments. The Botox® skin care post-operation procedure will usually be simply to take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen. You should avoid aspirin as that would tend to thin out your blood which could lead to further bruising.

Sunbathing and Botox

One other important factor in your Botox® skin care post-operation routine would be to avoid sun bathing or suntanning for the first two weeks after your procedure. You should also avoid excessive alcohol consumption and strenuous exercise. The key is not to become dehydrated. It may sound clich