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How do I Choose the Breast Implant Shape and Size that’s Right for Me?

While choosing the exact type, shape, and size of the implants for a breast augmentation procedure may sound like a quick decision, it actually involves the consideration of a number of factors. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Pinsky, strives to make the decision an easy one by providing detailed explanations of each option at your initial consultation and utilizing VECTRA® 3D Cosmetic Imaging to help you visualize the potential outcome of the various shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the best implants for your needs will depend on your unique physical anatomy in addition to your goals for breast augmentation.

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, including round and what’s known as teardrop (or “shaped”) implants. A round implant is often beneficial for patients who want a prominent projection of the breasts and/or those who desire a fuller appearance in the upper areas of the breasts. Smooth, round breast implants tend to minimize the risk of rippling; plus, if they happen to move around a small amount under the breasts, they typically hold their shape and the movement is not noticeable.

Teardrop-shaped breast implants are sometimes preferred by patients because they are designed with a “downward slope,” much like natural breasts. These implants can provide beautiful, natural-looking results for many individuals, and can benefit some patients who are very thin and are looking to significantly enhance breast volume. However, if a teardrop implant moves or turns around inside the breasts, it runs the risk of causing a misshapen appearance until it is corrected.

As far as size is concerned, other factors need to be considered in addition to how “big” or “small” the implants will actually be. Determinations such as rate of projection and ultimate proportion to your body frame are crucial elements of the decision-making process in order to achieve results that look natural and enhance your overall profile.

The type of implant is also a major factor that will often have a heavy influence on which size and shape is best for your needs. You can learn more about silicone, saline, and “gummy bear” breast implant types here.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type, shape, and size of breast implant – it all just depends on your unique needs. One of the most important things to remember is this: regardless of size, the breast implants should give your breasts a fuller appearance while complementing your overall proportions. Dr. Pinsky is extensively experienced with breast augmentation procedures, and will listen attentively to your needs and goals. He will give you honest advice about your best options, always working with you to ensure your goals are met with the best possible results.

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