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What are My Breast Augmentation Incision Options?

Understandably, one of the top concerns women have when considering breast augmentation surgery is how noticeable the resulting scars will be. While any type of surgical procedure will always leave a scar, advances in breast surgery techniques, coupled with Dr. Pinsky’s skills and experience, make it possible to create small incisions in very inconspicuous areas that leave only minimal signs of scarring. There are a variety of incision location options for breast augmentation surgery, and the ultimate decision will depend on your unique physical anatomy, the size and type of the breast implant, and your overall goals.

Dr. Mark Pinsky strives to make the smallest incisions possible, regardless of the type of implant you choose. Saline implant procedures typically result in shorter, less noticeable scars because the implant is usually not filled before implantation – the saline is added after the implant has been placed inside the breast. Silicone breast implants require a longer incision; however, with the many options for incision location, the scar can be well-hidden.

Some of the most common incision locations include:

  • Inframammary fold – the crease under the breast
  • Periareolar region –the dark-pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple
  • Transaxillary – in the armpit

For patients who have had a breast lift, the incisions can often be created in the same place – resulting in no scarring other than the scar that was already there.

For primary breast augmentation procedures, our surgeons typically utilize the inframammary incision location; however, as noted above, the best choice is dependent on your individual needs. The overall goal is to provide you with results that do not leave pronounced indications that you have had plastic surgery. Therefore, our surgeons strive to place incisions that are in the least visible locations and are as small as possible. Plus, it’s important to note that scarring from the incision will likely fade to a certain degree over time.

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Be sure to read part one of our series on breast augmentation, which discusses choosing the right implant size and shape for your needs. To learn more about all aspects of breast augmentation, please contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or assist you in scheduling a consultation.