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13 Year Old Girl Had a Nose Job after Being Bullied By Peers

A recent feature story run by ABC News on Nicolette Taylor, a 13 year old girl from New York who had a nose job after being bullied online, sparked debates as to whether or not it is appropriate for parents to allow their teenager girls to have cosmetic surgery to stop incidents of bullying. Yes, bullying is wrong and a victim of bullying is often traumatized by the experience but is cosmetic surgery really the right recourse to stop incidents of bullying among very young boys and girls?

Correcting your physical flaws through cosmetic surgery to stop people from making rude comments about your looks is a good thing. However, you need to have these physical improvements at the right age. Note that the human body goes through a natural development process so it is best to let Mother Nature finish her job first before you turn to cosmetic surgery.

Facial Development

Facial development between boys and girls differ. If you are a girl, your face will completely develop once you reach the age of 15. For boys, the process takes longer and your face will not fully develop until you are 17. Making surgical alterations on your face before these ages can lead to uneven facial development later on. As it is, we recommend that you wait until your face has fully developed before surgically correcting your facial flaws.

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