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Michelle Pfeiffer Says Yes to Cosmetic Surgery

While the likes of Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz are vehemently against cosmetic surgery, Michelle Pfeiffer doesn’t mind getting a little nip/tuck. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, the 53-year old actress said that people should not view cosmetic surgery negatively. She believes that society tends to offer too much criticism against people who go under the knife to improve their appearance. According to her, if people are happy with what they see when they look into the mirror after a cosmetic procedure, then that is well and good.

Michelle’s Cosmetic Surgery

Like most Hollywood women, Michelle is no stranger to cosmetic procedures. Over the years, this lovely lady went through a number of procedures to enhance her looks. Rumors have it that she had rhinoplasty to make her nose appear thinner and implants to plump up her checks and upper lips. To erase the lines on her forehead and around the mouth area, Michelle may have dabbled in Botox® and dermal fillers. How else can she look so young and lovely at the age of 53?

Graceful Aging

Michelle is just one of the lovely women around the country who look young and fabulous at 50. Through cosmetic procedures, you too can look great in your 50’s and 60s. Remember that graceful aging does not mean that you should let yourself go as you grow older. It means enjoying life, looking great and shining through your golden years.

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