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A “Hands Down” Winner!

Faces, necks and hands are some of the first places where age makes its visible presence known. But it seems like hands are too frequently ignored. Sure there are hand creams but no one seems to focus on making sure your hands and face look like they are the same age. It’s got to stop!

There are a variety of treatments for hands. Talk to Dr. Mark Pinsky about some of the options starting with SkinMedica or Obagi targeted serums, or pulsed laser light to break up age spots, or maybe go all the way with fat grafting to hide those bulging veins and restore a plump young appearance to your hands.

Try out The Thinker position (resting chin on fist) and look closely in a mirror. Do your hands give away your true age, or worse yet, they look OLDER than your age? If you don’t think your hands are a compliment to you, come see us and let us develop a plan that fits your needs, goals and budget. Let your hands be a “hands down winner”!