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You’ve Got the Power!

Have you noticed that many healthcare providers wear special magnifying lenses for examinations or procedures? Your Dentist does, your Surgeon does perhaps your Dermatologist – if your plastic surgeon is Dr. Mark Pinsky he definitely wears special magnifying lenses for surgery! I guess what I’m trying to say is: They’ve got the power! Why shouldn’t you?

If you’re a man or woman “of a certain age” you know that it can be hard to see everything in the mirror the way you used to. And if you’re not yet “of a certain age” you probably use a magnifying mirror to check for blemishes or put on make-up. Regardless of your age You’ve Got (to get) the Power!

I recently purchased a magnifying mirror with a magnifying power of 15. That might seem like a lot, but trust me – it’s just enough. I can now see every eyebrow hair, every blocked pore, every patch of flaky skin and (in short) everything I didn’t see before. And now that I can see it, I can do something about it. Nothing gave me an appreciation for the value of a facial like looking at my skin in my 15X mirror before and after a facial. The same is true for watching my progress with SkinMedica – those fine lines truly are finer than they were before. And my Clairsonic – I can now see if I’ve really done a good job or if I’ve missed a few places.

Buying a 15X lighted mirror may cost around $45.00 but it’s one of the best investments you can make in looking great. Remember, you can’t fix what you can’t see!